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Line number0735
Type23N W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S4062D5
22/10/1996N517ATroll out.
06/11/1996N517ATfirst flight.
25/11/1996N517ATdel American Trans Air.
27/12/1996N517ATbt First Security Bank of Utah; opb American Trans Air on lease.
00/00/1998N517ATbt Finova Capital Corporation; opb American Airlines on lease.
00/01/1998N517ATat Rio de Janeiro with small "Aeroperu Vacanciones" titles.
19/03/2003N517ATcompany renamed ATA Airlines.
03/04/2008N517ATlast service: Honolulu-Phoenix as TZ4586 (last 757-200 commercial ATA Airlines flight).
03/04/2008N517ATATA Airlines filed for Chapter 11 and stopped all operations.
06/04/2008N517ATferried Phoenix-Lake City.
25/09/2008N517ATferried Lake City-Victorville.
05/01/2009N517ATat Victorville in full ATA Airlines c/s; stored.
13/06/2009N517ATat Victorville in full ATA Airlines c/s; stored.
13/01/2010N517ATbt Wilmington Trust Company (from Wells Fargo Bank Northwest).
14/01/2010N517ATrgd to Wilmington Trust Company.
20/01/2010N517ATferried Victorville-Bangor-Lasham (arrived 21/01/2010); for installation of blended winglets.
27/01/2010N517ATregistration cancelled.
28/01/2010G-LSAKrgd to Dart Group Plc.
28/01/2010G-LSAKlt Jet2.
13/05/2010G-LSAKferried Lasham-Norwich in ATA Airlines c/s with blended winglets; for repaint.
23/05/2010G-LSAKferried Norwich-Leeds/Bradford in full Jet 2 c/s with "" titles.
13/02/2011G-LSAKat Manchester with extra "✔ Points for FREE flights ✔ Great flight times" on right side of fuselage and "✔ 22kg baggage allowance ✔ allocated seats" titles on left side of fuselage (applied after 21/01/2011).
30/09/2011G-LSAKsub-lt RAK Airways; ferried Leeds/Bradford-Vienna as RKM701P; in service: Vienna-Ras al-Khaimah as RKM702 in full Jet2 c/s with extra "RAK Airways" titles and 'RSD - Reise Service Deutschland' sticker.
16/03/2012G-LSAKferried Leeds/Bradford-Norwich; for repaint.
21/03/2012G-LSAKferried Norwich-Leeds/Bradford in 'Jet2 Holidays' c/s with "RAK Airways" titles.
02/06/2012G-LSAKlast service: Ras al-Khaimah-Hamburg; ret Jet2; ferried Hamburg-Leeds/Bradford.
07/06/2012G-LSAKat Barcelona in in full 'Jet2 Holidays' c/s with "Jet2 Holidays" titles.
14/06/2012G-LSAKat Lanzarote with extra "Package Holidays you can trust" titles (applied after 07/06/2012).
21/03/2020G-LSAKlast service: Alicante/ALC-Manchester/MAN as EXS882; parked because of COVID-19 pandemic.
11/08/2020G-LSAKret to service: Manchester/MAN-Dalaman/DLM as EXS901.
31/10/2020G-LSAKlast service: Paphos/PFO-Manchester/MAN as EXS938.
28/12/2020G-LSAKferried Manchester/MAN-Almeria/LEI as EXS031E; for storage.
17/06/2021G-LSAKferried Almeria/LEI-Manchester/MAN as EXS25DR; for maintenance before returning to service.
02/10/2021G-LSAKret to service: Manchester/MAN-Mahon/MAH as EXS759.

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