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2006 news

23/12/2006: Fischer Air Polska has paid off its debts, and will restart operations as Fischer Air PrimaCharter; their first aircraft, SP-FVR, arrived on 22/12/2006, still in full Fischer Air Polska c/s;

16/12/2006: RAK Airways is the newest Boeing 757 operator; the airline’s first 757 was seen at Abu Dhabi in full RAK Airways c/s; the aircraft is ex-Iberia (c/n 29311, EC-HIU); Axis Airways went into temporary receivership (exact date?) November or December but intends to start operations again as ‘New Axis Airways’;

26/11/2006: Elysair has been renamed L’Avion; operations with a single Boeing 757 should start at the end of this month; Jet2 has bought 3 Boeing 757-200s from China Southern Airlines; the aircraft involved are c/n 24014 (ex B-2801, now G-LSAG), c/n 24015 (ex B-2802, now G-LSAH) & c/n 24016 (ex B-2803, now G-LSAI);

11/11/2006: Angkor Airways has leased a 757 from Far Eastern Air Transport; the airline has been leasing aircraft from Far Eastern before, but this aircraft, c/n 27204, is in basic Far Eastern c/s, Angkor Airways titles and ‘AKW’ in the tail & the aircraft has been re-registered XU-AKB;

10/11/2006: Air Méditerranée has sub-leased a Boeing 757-200 from Icelandair; the aircraft, TF-FII (c/n 24760), has been seen in all white c/s with Air Méditerranée titles & tail logo;

30/10/2006: Kras Air/AiRUnion is about to receive their first 2 Boeing 757-200s; the aircraft, currently registered N241LF and N263LF (c/n 26247 & cn 26248), were both seen at Miami in full AiRUnion c/s in October; Fischer Air Polska has returned both Boeing 757-200s to AWAS because of financial problems;

16/10/2006: Santa Barbara Airlines has leased 2 Boeing 757-236s; both aircraft (c/n 24118 & c/n 24119) were previously operated by TransMeridian Airlines as N958PG and N962PG. C/n 24118 is already in Caracas and has been re-registered YV-2243 while c/n 24119 is at Miami undergoing maintenance at Commerical Aviation (source: Santa Barbara Airlines);

06/10/2006: Primaris Airlines is about to receive its second 757-200; the aircraft was seen at Las Vegas on October 4 in new Primaris Airlines c/s, but without titles; the aircraft, c/n 24737, flew for Mexicana as XA-TRA before being returned to the lessor;

02/09/2006: Elysair is a new Frence operator which intends to start in October with a single Boeing 757-200 in a 100 seat configuration. A second 757-200 should enter service next year. First route will be between Paris/Orly and Newark; Elysair has already ordered 2 sets of Blended Winglets with Aviation Partner Boeing;

22/07/2006: Delta Air Lines will lease 10 Boeing 757-200s from International Lease Finance Corporation for  delivery between 15/07/2006 and 15/11/2007; the aircraft were formerly with TWA/American Airlines; c/n are: 27620, 27624, 27625, 28162, 28163, 28165, 28168, 28169, 28173 and 29954 (source: Aviation Letter); Golden International Airlines is a new Turkish operator ( which will start with a single Boeing 757-200; the aircraft, c/n 30044, was previously operated by Mexicana as N765MX; the aircraft will be registered TC-GLA;

20/07/2006: Aviation Partners Boeing has announced that American Airlines has ordered an additional 104 Boeing 757-200 blended winglet systems; American already ordered 20 of this systems in September 2005; The blended winglets installation will be done at Tulsa by American Airlines itself; Eagle Aviation France will operate 2 Boeing 757-200s for Ariana Afghan Airlines; Initially Astraeus was chosen but the airlines didn’t get approval; Eagle Aviation France already operates 2 Airbus A310s for the Afghan airline;

27/06/2006: SunExpress is about to receive its third Boeing 757-200; the aircraft, c/n 26273, was returned by AeroMexico to its lessor, and blended winglets have been installed; the plane arrived in Southend on June 21 in basic AeroMexico c/s & still wearing registration N806AM; ATC Lasham has installed blended winglets on TC-SNA, which was ferried Lasham-Southend with blended winglets on June 15;

23/06/2006: Air Slovakia is about to receive a new Boeing 757; while OM-SNA will be returned, the new aircraft was seen at Guangzhou on June 6 in full Air Slovakia c/s, minus engines, and is wearing registration OM-ASB; c/n is not known yet;

21/06/2006: Jet2 will get a 5th Boeing 757-200; the last addition is coming from Air Slovakia; the aircraft, OM-SNA (c/n 24135) is expected to arrive at Southend somewhere in july, and will be registered G-LSAE;

19/06/2006: Northwest Airlines will install blended winglets on 10 of its Boeing 757-200s for use on routes to Europe; the first modification is scheduled for December 2006 with the first passenger service in March 2007 (source: Aviation Letter);

26/05/2006: Girjet is a new Boeing 757 operator in Spain; the airline, which already operates several Fokker 100’s, has received their first 757 only days ago; the aircraft, N639AX (c/n 25597), was ferried from Jacksonville to Madrid in full Girjet c/s (info thanks to: Chris &;

22/05/2006: Ethiopian Airlines has contracted with Precision Conversions for the conversion of one of its 757-200s to Passenger Converted Freighter (PCF); the conversion process will commence on 07/05/2006; two other Ethiopian Airlines 757-200s may be converted later (source: Aviation Letter);

02/04/2006: Blue Dart Aviation is a new Boeing 757-200F operator from India! The company already operates 5 Boeing 737-200s but will add 2 Boeing 757s; European Air Transport is sub-leasing both aircraft to Blue Dart Aviation; the first one was seen at Brussels on April 2 in full c/s in full Blue Dart Aviation c/s; the aircraft was still registered OO-DPI (c/n 24102), but will be re-rgd VT-BDJ soon; the second aircraft to go, will be OO-DPL (c/n 24267);

30/03/2006: Icelandair will receive a fourth Boeing 757-200 freighter; the aircraft, c/n 26962, was converted to freighter at Everett and flew for National Airlines as N512NA (there were reports last year that the aircraft was going to Bluebird Cargo);

25/03/2006: Cebu Pacific has returned all 3 Boeing 757-200s; c/n 24370 is going to Air Slovakia, c/n 25597 is going to Omni Air International; the where abouts of the 3rd Boeing 757 (c/n 24371) is unknown to me, and if somebody knows the dates of when these aircraft were returned, please e-mail me;

22/03/2006: Evergreen International Airlines has bought 2 ex-MyTravel Boeing 757-200s. G-PIDS (c/n 22915) was re-registered N304H, and G-RJGR (c/n 22197) was re-registered N811AD; Evergreen is offering Boeing 757 parts for sale on its website, so both planes are probably being scrapped soon;

21/03/2006: VARIG will lease two ETOPS equipped Boeing 757-200s from Pegasus Aviation (source: Aviation Letter); ATA Airlines has officially emerged from Chapter 11 on February 28, 2006; it filed for protection under Chapter 11 on October  26, 2004; Air Scotland/Greece Airways will end all service to Edinburgh on April 29, 2006; Glasgow & Manchester will be its two main airports in the U.K. (source: Aviation Letter);

05/03/2006: Air Saipan (Northern Mariana Islands) could be a new Boeing 757-200 operator; according to newspapers in the region the airline wants to lease 1 or 2 planes from Ryan International Airlines;

24/02/2006: Both Boeing 757-200s for Ariana Afghan Airlines have left Victorville, the first one was ferried to Lasham, the second aircraft (N802AM), which left Victorville today, to Belfast;

19/02/2006: Euro Atlantic Airways is a new Boeing 757 operator in Portugal; the airline will receive their first aircraft this April; registration and c/n are not known yet;

17/02/2006: Orient Thai Airlines will be returning both Boeing 757-200s; HS-OTA (c/n 24368) will be returned this month, the other (HS-OTB; c/n 22185) will be returned next month;

07/01/2006: Jet2/Channel Airways are reported to get another 2 Boeing 757-200s for delivery in March and April.