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Boeing 757-200 Specifications

Boeing 757-200initial production passenger aircraft
Boeing 757-200 Freighterdeveloped by Pemco Aeroplex as conversion to existing 757 aircraft
Boeing 757-200Mcombi; mixed cargo/passenger version; only one delivered to Royal Nepal Airlines
Boeing 757-200PFpackage freighter; developed for UPS
Boeing 757-200SFmodified 200 converted to Special Freighter
Boeing 757-200Xextended range version; more than 1000 km increase in range
Boeing VC-32Amilitary version; 4 built for US Air Force

Pratt & Whitney PW203736600 lb st (162.8 kN)
Pratt & Whitney PW204040100 lb st (178.4 kN)
Rolls Royce RB211-535C37400 lb st (166.0 kN)
Rolls Royce RB211-535E440200 lb st (178.8 kN)
Rolls Royce RB211-535E4-B43500 lb st (193.5 kN)
Fuel capacityPW2037/RB211-535E4: 42680 liters (11276 US gallons)
PW2040/RB211-535E4-B: 43490 liters (11489 US gallons)

flight deck2provision for an observer
cabin attendants5 - 7
standard interior arrangements9from 178 in 2-class to 239 passengers in all tourist
galley21 front starboard side, 1 rear
3in 239 passenger version (mid ships)
toilets41 front portside, 3 rear
31 front portside, 2 rear mid ships (239 passenger version)

Dimensions; external
wingspan38.05 meter (124 ft 10 in)
wing chord; at root8.20 meter 26 ft 11 in)
wing chord; at tip1.73 meter (5 ft 8 in)
wing aspect ration7.8
length overall47.33 meter (155 ft 3 in)
length fuselage46.97 meter (154 ft 1 in)
tail plane span15.22 meter (49 ft 11 in)
tail height13.59 meter (min) (44 ft 6 in) / 13.74 meter (max) (45 ft 1 in)
wheel track7.32 meter (24 ft)
wheel base18.29 meter (60 ft)

underfloor cargo volume19.8 m³ (699.23 cu ft) (forward) / 27.5 m³ (971.15 cu ft) (rear)
cargo space226.5 m³ (7998.77 cu ft)
wings185.25 m² (1994 sq ft)
ailerons4.46 m² (48 sq ft)
trailing edge flaps30.38 m² (327 sq ft)
trailing edge slats18.39 m² (197.95 sq ft)
flight spoilers10.96 m² (117.97 sq ft)
ground spoilers12.82 m² (138 sq ft)
fin34.37 m² (370 sq ft)
rudder11.61 m² 125 sq ft)
tailplane50.35 m² (542 sq ft)
elevators12.52 m² (134.76 sq ft)

Weight and loadings
operating weight emptyPW: 58440 - 59160 kg (128840 - 130440 lb)
RR: 58570 - 59300 kg (129130 - 130730 lb)
freighter revenue load32755 kg (72,212 lb)
freighter payload 757-200 SF27215 kg (59,998 lb)
max take-off weight (PW2037 & RB211-535E4)99790 kg (220,000 lb
max take-off weight (PW2040 & RB211-535E4--B)115665 kg (255,000 lb)
max landing weight (PW2037 & RB211-535E4)89810 kg (198,000 lb)
max landing weight (PW2040 & RB211-535E4-B)95250 kg (210,000 lb)
max taxi weight (PW2037 & RB211-535E4)100240 kg (221,000 lb)
max taxi weight (PW2040 & RB211-535E4-B116120 kg (256,000 lb)

max operating Mach0.86
cruising speedM 0.80
approach speed (PW2037 & RB211-535E4)132 knots (245 km/h)
approach speed (PW2040 & RB211-535E4-B)137 knots (254 km/h)
cruising height (PW2037 / PW2040)11675 meter (38300 ft) / 10760 meter (35300 ft)
cruising height (RB211-535E4 / RB211-535E4-B)11800 meter (38700 ft) / 10850 meter (35600 ft)
take-off field length (PW2037 / PW2040)1825 meter (6000 ft) / 2360 meter (7750 ft)
take-off field length (RB211-535E4 / RB211-535E4-B)1660 meter (5450 ft) / 2070 mtr (6800 ft)
landing field length (PW2037 / PW2040)1475 meter (4850 ft) / 1550 meter (5100 ft)
landing field length )(RB211-535E4 / RB211-535E4-B)1420 meter (4660 ft) / 1505 meter (4950 ft)
range (PW2037 / PW2040)4550 km (2460 Nm) / 7250 km (3915 Nm)
range (RB211-535E4 / RB211-535E4-B)4240 km (2290 Nm) / 6825 km (3685 Nm)


    1. I’m not a pilot but what is the two take-off field lengths for? one for one type of Pratt=Whitney engines and the other for another type of Pratt whiteny engine? if so if you are contemplating constructing a runway to handle the 757-200 you’d need a runway 7750′ not 6000′ like I was suspecting.. hmmm?? Width of runways still 100′? just checking

      1. Every engine brand and type has a different performance, and so take-off fields will be different; runway widths are dependable on type of aircraft; please read following link for more information on runway widths.

      2. I also am not a pilot. But I would surmise that the different runway lengths are for loaded vs unloaded aircraft.

      1. Diameter of the fuselage: vertically 4.01 meter (158 inch); horizontally 3.76 meter (148 inch), both are exterior measurements

      1. Hi Dalton,

        I did add all engine types where required. If you are looking for a specific thing you are looking for, please let me know.

    2. I don’t understand. Why boeing doesn’t modernize 757-300 like 737-800 to 737-8. 757 Has a higher chassis and van carry bigger engunes. 757-3 with bigger and more economical engines like im max. Similar like in cs500/220-500

    1. Yes but when observing an aircraft fire melting wiring, plastics, and insulation produce black smoke as well as the jet fuel.

  1. According to your info, the PW’s cause the 757 to have greater range then the RR powered ones. It was my understanding that it’s the other way around. That’s why RR powered 757’s are more preferred for over the pond flights. I know on paper the PW have that advantage, but actual performance wise, the RR’s win.

  2. Thanks for all the info!!
    Have you any of this information of the 737-800?
    I’m doing a comparison between the 737-800 and the 757-200 and there is some data missing.

    1. Hi Piluci, thank you for visiting the website; I do not have info about the 737-800; I advise you to visit the Boeing website; it may have the info that you are looking for. Or maybe the following website may help as well:

  3. please tell me about dimension of spoiler length and breadth ? how it is calculated with respect to wing dimensions.

  4. Sir
    I want to Know which cargo aircraft having maximum payload of 20000kg -30000kg of short range any one can say

  5. Would anyone know of any second hand Boeing 757-200 passenger aircraft’s and cargo aircraft’s available for sale, please do kindly inform me with full specifications and pricing.

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