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Line numbe0694
Type23N W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S43E91C
27/09/1995N516ATroll out.
02/11/1995N516ATfirst flight.
04/12/1995N516ATdel American Trans Air.
00/00/1998N516ATbt Finova Capital Corporation; opb American Trans Air on lease.
30/04/1998N516ATsub-lt Blue Scandinavia; arr Stockholm/Arlanda in full American Trans Air c/s.
01/05/1998N516ATin service: Stockholm/Arlanda-Malaga.
31/05/1998N516ATlast service: Nice-Stockholm/Arlanda.
01/06/1998N516ATret American Trans Air; ferried Stockholm/Arlanda-Indianapolis.
23/05/2000N514ATrgd to State Street Bank & Trust Company.
19/03/2003N516ATcompany renamed ATA Airlines.
31/12/2004N516ATlast service: Orlando-Indianapolis as TZ432.
31/12/2004N516ATret lessor; stored at Indianpolis.
10/03/2005N516ATferried Indianapolis-Tucson.
19/04/2005N516ATbt Finova Capital Corporation (from Wells Fargo Bank Northwest).
02/05/2005N516ATrgd to Finova Capital Corporation, Scottsdale, AZ.
12/08/2005N516ATat Tucson in full ATA Airlines c/s; stored.
15/09/2005N516ATat Tucson in full ATA Airlines c/s; stored.
07/10/2005N516ATbt Talos Aviation Ltd.
07/10/2005N516ATbt Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
17/10/2005N516ATrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
19/06/2006N516ATferried Tucson-Tulsa; after storage.
00/10/2006N516ATat Tulsa; for installation of blended winglets.
24/10/2006N516ATferried Tulsa-Dallas/Love Field.
17/11/2006N516ATferried Dallas/Love Field-Wilmington (OH).
04/12/2006N516ATferried Wilmington-Kansas City.
08/12/2006N516ATat Kansas City in an highly chrome finish.
07/11/2007N757LLregistration reserved by Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
25/02/2009N757LLferried Dallas/Love Field-New Iberia for repaint; after VIP cabin configuration.
01/06/2009N757LLferried New Iberia-Ardmore.
19/07/2011N757LLat San Bernardino; for ?
28/10/2013N757LLregistration cancelled.
30/10/2013M-RISErgd to Talos Aviation Ltd., British Virgin Islands.
23/11/2013M-RISEferried San Bernardino-Glenwood Springs-Gander-Dubai/DWC (arrived 24/11/2013).
Marcel van Noordenne

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