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2007 news

26/12/2007: Air Baltic will be leasing 2 Boeing 757-200s from International Lease Finance Corporation; both aircraft (c/n 26251 & c/n 26254), which are currently flying for Iberia, will be delivered Spring 2008;

20/11/2007: Air Italy Polska is a new Polish Boeing 757 operator; the company received its AOC and Operating Licence on November 16, 2007; Air Italy Polska will initially start with 1 Boeing 757-200; EI-IGC, c/n 24747 is being leased from parent company Air Italy. A second 757 will be added in April 2008;

02/11/2007: Aurela Airlines is the latest Boeing 757 operator; their first 757-200 was seen on November 1 at Norwich in full Aurela c/s with registration LY-SKR; the aircraft, c/n 30233, was with Vim Airlines as EI-LTU; it’s not sure at this moment if it’s leased from Vim Airlines, or if the aircraft was returned to lessor and then leased to Aurela Airlines;

20/09/2007: Nicaragua Lineas Aereas is a new operator from the Americas, which is going to start with a Boeing 757-200; EC-JRT, c/n 24772, was seen at Madrid in full Gadair c/s & ‘Nicaragua Lineas Aereas’ titles;

18/09/2007: Aladia will lease another 2 Boeing 757-200s; both aircraft were operated by XL Airways (G-VKNA & G-VKND) before returning to the lessors;

23/06/2007: Far Eastern is going to lease 2 extra Boeing 757-200s; both aircraft are coming from American Airlines which will return N722TW (c/n 29385) and N723TW in December to ILFC, and then both aircraft will go on 5 year leases to Far Eastern;

16/06/2007: Atlasjet is leasing 4 757-200s this summer; 2 aircraft will be leased from Air Finland (one for a month & 1 for a 5 month period), one 757 is being leased from Primaris Airlines (N741PA; c/n 24737) and the fourth aircraft is coming from RAK Airways (A6-RKA; c/n 29311); Air Europe (Italy) is sub-leasing a Boeing 757-200 from Finnair for the summer; OH-LBT, c/n 28170, was seen at Stockholm/Arlanda on June 15 in basic Finnair c/s with Air Europe titles;

10/06/2007: Travel Service has leased a Boeing 757-200 from Air Slovakia for the 2007 summer season; the aircraft was seen at Prague on June 6 in basic Air Slovia c/s & Travel Service titles; Atlasjet has leased a Boeing 757 from Air Finland; OH-AFK was seen at Helsinki on June 9 in a hybrid color scheme with Atlasjet titles on only one side;

25/03/2007: Eritrean Airlines is the lastest Boeing 757 operator; the airline has leased a single 757-200 from Atlasjet. The aircraft, TC-OGT (c/n 29308), was seen at Frankfurt in basic Atlasjet fuselage c/s, Eritrean tail c/s & logo, and Eritrean titles;

20/03/2007: Gadair European Airlines is a new Spanish operator which intends to start operations with several aircraft types; one aircraft will be a Boeing 757-200; rumours are that Hola Airlines is going sub-lease EC-JRT to Gadair. EC-JRT, c/n 24772, arrived at Norwich today for maintenance and possible repaint;

18/02/2007: Icelandair will receive 3 more 757-200s in the next 3 months; however TF-FIK  (c/n 26276) will be leaving the fleet, and is going to Flyglobespan at the end of this month. The 3 new aircraft are all ex-Iberia, and will be registered TF-FIA (c/n 29310), TF-FIY (c/n 29312) and TF-FIZ (c/n 30052);

11/02/2007: Varig Log has received their first 757-200 freighter; the aircraft (c/n 23767), registered PR-LGF, was seen at Rio de Janeiro on February 8 in full Varig Log c/s;

30/01/2007: Yakutia Air of Russia is the latest Boeing 757-200 operator; today, TF-FIW (c/n 24838) of Icelandiar, rolled out at Maastricht/Aachen in full Yakutia Air c/s; more details are not known at his time;

17/01/2007: Ethiopian Airlines has leased a second Boeing 757-200 from Atlasjet; this aircraft, TC-OGS (c/n 29307), was seen at Stockholm/Arlanda on January 3 in full Ethiopian Airlines c/s; TC-OGT (c/n 29308) is the other aircraft, and was last seen in basic Atlasjet c/s with Ethiopian titles; MAP Executive Flightservice of Austria is (or will be leasing soon) a Boeing 757-200; the aircraft, c/n 22185, is currently stored at Miami; the aircraft last operator was Orient Thai;

31/01/2007: Air Bashkortostan received a second 757 from VIM Airlines; RA-73015 was seen at Munich on December 10, 2006 in full VIM Airlines c/s & small ‘Air Bashkortostan’ titles; Euro Mediterranean is a new airline from Egypt, and a subsidiary of Air Italy; their first Boeing 757 (N965AW, c/n 24965) was seen at Hamburg on January 10, 2007 in white fuselage c/s, with a green and red stripe going over the tail (Egyptian or Italian flag?), Euro Mediterranean titles on fuselage and small ‘Air Italy Group’ titles on engine cowlings.