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2001 news

South Atlantic Airways suspended operations 20/10/2001; the only aircraft, EC-HUT, was returned to Arkia.

Iberia returned all 757s which had been leased from Air Europa; the aircraft were parked at Madrid.

Britannia AB has also put 1 aircraft into storage; SE-DUK will be parked in Manchester this winter.

British World Airlines went into receivership on 13/12/2001.

Dinar will lease 2 Boeing 757s for the winter season; the aircraft are being leased from Dutchbird (PH-DBB) and Monarch Airlines (G-MONK).

Air 2000 parked 4 aircraft (G-OOOV, G-OOOW, G-OOBA and G-OOBB) at Bournemouth for winter storage.

Condor has parked 4 aircraft at Lasham (D-ABNE, D-ABNK, D-ABNL and D-ABNM); D-ABNP departed Lasham December 2001.

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