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Line number0779
Type23N F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S440BC1
15/10/1997N519ATroll out.
31/10/1997N519ATfirst flight.
17/11/1997N519ATdel American Trans Air.
23/12/1997N519ATbt General Electric Capital Aviation Services (GECAS); opb American Trans Air on lease.
24/12/1997N519ATrgd to first Security Bank of Utah.
19/03/2003N519ATcompany renamed ATA Airlines.
00/11/2006N519ATbt Wilmington Trust Company; opb ATA Airlines on lease.
16/11/2006N519ATrgd to Wilmington Trust Company.
03/04/2008N519ATlast service: Kahului-Phoenix as TZ4584.
03/04/2008N519ATATA Airlines filed for Chapter 11 and stopped all operations.
14/04/2008N519ATferried Phoenix-Jacksonville/VQQ as TZ7519; for storage.
09/07/2008N519ATregistration cancelled.
11/07/2008ET-AMUlt Ethiopian Airlines; ferried Jacksonville/VQQ-London/Gatwick-Addis Ababa (arrived 12/07/2008).
04/08/2008ET-AMUat Stockholm/Arlanda in full Ethiopian Airlines c/s.
15/12/2015ET-AMUferried Addis Ababa-St. Athan as ETH9201; for lease return and removal of passenger interior.
22/12/2015N975DHrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
20/01/2016N975DHferried St. Athan-Bangor-Greensboro/GSO as SXA1289; for conversion to freighter.
17/01/2017N975DHregistration cancelled.
17/01/2017G-DHKDrgd to DHL Air, Diegem, Belgium; ferried Greensboro/GSO-Jacksonville/VQQ as DHK20P; after conversion to freighter; for repaint.
20/02/2017G-DHKDferried Jacksonville/VQQ-East Midlands as DHK20P; after repaint.
24/12/2021G-DHKDregistration cancelled.
00/12/2021OE-LNDrgd to DHL Air Austria.
Marcel van Noordenne

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