Line number0482
Type2Y0 F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S780032
00/00/1992MT-1044Mongolian Airlines - not taken up.
22/07/1992B-2831roll out.
13/08/1992B-2831first flight.
26/08/1992B-2831del GPA Group (later named GECAS).
26/08/1992B-2831lt China Southwest Airlines.
00/05/1999B-2831lease transferred to China Xinjiang Airlines.
16/05/1999B-2831at Urumqi in new (blue) China Xinjiang Airlines c/s.
00/11/2000B-2831GECAS acquired by Airfinance; lease to China Xinjiang Airlines continues.
00/11/2004B-2831China Xinjiang Airlines merged into China Southern Airlines.
00/03/2005B-2831Airfinance acquired by Cerberus Capital and renamed AerCap; lease to Chine Southern Airlines continues.
16/09/2005B-2831at Sendai in full China Southern Airlines c/s.
13/08/2016B-2831at Shanghai; in service.
00/00/2018B-2831converted to freighter.
25/04/2018B-2831at Chengdu in full China Postal Airlines c/s.

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