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Line number0486
Type2Y0 F Combi
EnginesRolls Royce RB211535-E4
Mode SAA4CE0
ConfigurationFreighter (+ up to Y42)
19/08/1992EI-CEZroll out.
09/09/1992EI-CEZfirst flight.
22/09/1992EI-CEZdel GPA Group (later named GECAS).
22/09/1992EI-CEZlt Avianca Colombia.
15/02/1996EI-CEZrgd to GPA II Ltd.
12/06/1996EI-CEZrgd to Airplanes Holdings Ltd.
06/10/2002EI-CEZat Miami in full Allianza Summa c/s with "Avianca" titles.
28/02/2005EI-CEZat Bogota in 2005 Avianca Colombia c/s.
00/08/2010EI-CEZret to lessor.
24/09/2010EI-CEZregistration cancelled.
18/10/2010EI-CEZat Miami in basic Avianca c/s.
21/10/2010N763CAbt National Air Cargo Group.
22/10/2010N763CArgd to National Air Cargo Group, Ypsilanti, MI.
23/10/2010N763CAferried Miami-Dothan; for conversion to freighter by PEMCO.
30/12/2010N763CAbt Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
21/09/2012N763CAferried Dothan-Oscoda/Wurtsmith AFB; after conversion to freighter.
22/01/2013N763CAbt Cargo Aircraft Management Inc.
23/01/2013N763CAlt Air Transport international; ferried Oscoda/Wurtsmith-Wilmington Air Park.
15/02/2013N754CXregistration reserved.
13/04/2013N763CAat Wilmington Air Park in basic Avianca c/s.
05/05/2013N763CAat Wilmington Air Park.
14/08/2013N754CXAir Transport International; re-rgd.
18/09/2013N754CXin service:
09/07/2014N754CXat Honolulu in full new Air Transport International c/s.
Marcel van Noordenne

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