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Line number0180
Type28A F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SA21D0B
Name"Miss Victoria"
07/02/1988G-OOODroll out.
07/03/1988G-OOODfirst flight.
27/05/1988G-OOODdel International Lease Finance Corporation.
27/05/1988G-OOODlt Air 2000.
28/05/1988G-OOODarr Manchester as AMM400 on ferry flight from U.S.A.
03/11/1988G-OOODregistration cancelled.
04/11/1988G-OOODrgd to Air 2000 Ltd; ferried London/Luton-Gander-Toronto with registration C-FXOD under wing.
25/11/1988G-OOODregistration cancelled.
25/11/1988C-FXODsub-lt Air 3000.
30/11/1988C-FXODrgd to Air 2000 Ltd.
01/05/1989C-FXODAir 3000 renamed Canada 3000 Airlines.
17/05/1989C-FXODlast service: Toronto-London/Gatwick as CMM331 (arrived 18/05/1988).
18/05/1989C-FXODferried London/Gatwick-London/Luton as CMM9999; returning to Air 2000.
18/05/1989G-OOODrgd to Air 2000 Ltd.
07/12/1989G-OOODregistration cancelled.
07/12/1989C-FXODsub-lt Canada 3000 Airlines.
10/12/1989C-FXODferried London/Luton-Toronto as MMF972.
13/12/1989C-FXODsub-lt Canada 3000 Airlines.
12/05/1990C-FXODferried Toronto-Manchester; for summer operation with Air 2000.
07/11/1990C-FXODferried London/Luton-Toronto; for winter operation with Canada 3000 Airlines.
01/05/1991C-FXODsummer operations with Air 2000.
11/05/1991C-FXODat Manchester with "Air 2000" titles & "operated by Canada 3000" titles on forward fuselage by door.
27/10/1991C-FXODferried to Canada for winter operations with Canada 3000 Airlines.
04/05/1992C-FXODret to Air 2000.
05/05/1992C-FXODregistration cancelled.
06/05/1992G-OOODrgd to Air 2000 Ltd.
06/01/1997G-OOODferried London/Gatwick-Eindhoven; for repaint.
15/01/1997G-OOODferried Eindhoven-London/Gatwick as AMM757P in new Air 2000 c/s.
22/11/1998G-OOODferried Marseille-Manchester as AFR477V after operating flight for Air France; towed into FLS hangar for preparation for lease to Royal Aviation.
17/12/1998G-OOODregistration cancelled.
18/12/1998C-GRYUsub-lt & rgd to Royal Aviation Inc.
20/12/1998C-GRYUferried Manchester-Montreal/Mirabel as ROY1067.
20/12/1998C-GRYUbt Babcock & Brown Aircraft Management; opb Air 2000 on lease and Royal Aviation on sub-lease.
00/01/1999C-GRYUat Miami in basic Air 2000 c/s with "Royal" titles and tail logo.
25/04/1999C-GRYUferried Montreal/Mirabel-Manchester as ROY1270 (arrived 26/04/1999); for summer operations with Air 2000.
31/05/1999C-GRYUat London/Gatwick in full Air 2000 c/s; in service.
27/10/1999C-GRYUoperated Paphos-Manchester.
28/10/1999C-GRYUret Air 2000; registration cancelled.
28/10/1999G-OOODrgd to First Choice Airways Ltd.
29/10/1999G-OOODin service: Manchester-Tenerife.
10/11/1999G-OOODferried Manchester-Bangor-Lima as AMM757P.
12/11/1999G-OOODsub-lt Aerocontinente.
17/11/1999G-OOODat Miami in basic Air 2000 c/s with "Aerocontinente" t& "100% Peruana" titles.
00/00/2000G-OOODret Air 2000 (before 24/05/2000).
10/11/2003G-OOODlast service: Paphos-Manchester as AMM071.
26/11/2003G-OOODat Manchester; "Skyservice" titles being applied.
12/12/2003C-GBODat Manchester in basic Air 2000 c/s with "Skyservice" titles.
16/12/2003G-OOODregistration cancelled.
17/12/2003C-GBODsub-lt Skyservice Airlines; ferried Manchester-Edmonton as SSV391.
08/01/2004C-GBODat Calgary in basic Air 2000 c/s with "Skyservice" and "Signature" titles.
13/01/2004C-GBODAir 2000 renamed First Choice Airways.
15/01/2004C-GBODrgd to Skyservice Airlines.
05/04/2004C-GBODferried Edmonton-Bristol as SSV396.
07/04/2004C-GBODregistration cancelled.
08/04/2004G-OOODrgd to First Choice Airways Ltd.
26/04/2004G-OOODferried Bristol-Bournemouth as FCA757P; still with "Skyservice" titles; for maintenance.
13/05/2004G-OOODferried Bournemouth-Abbotsford as FCA757F (9h43m flight!); for conversion to freighter.
18/05/2004G-OOODret West Sussex Company Ltd.
18/05/2004G-OOODregistration cancelled.
18/05/2004N235SCbt Wilmington Trust Company.
19/05/2004N235SCrgd to Wilmington Trust Company.
00/00/2006N235SCconversion to freighter completed by Alcoa CIE Companies.
12/08/2006N235SCat Abbotsford in all white c/s, "ASCC14+" titles on forward fuselage, "Alcoa" titles and logo on tail.
06/02/2007N235SCregistration cancelled.
00/02/2007PR-LGFlt VarigLog.
08/02/2007PR-LGFarr Rio de Janeiro in full VarigLog c/s.
00/02/2010PR-LGFret to lessor.
11/02/2010N235WDrgd to Wilmington Trust Company.
06/04/2010N235WDferried San Jose (Brasil)-Rio de Janeiro-San Jose (Costa Rica) in VarigLog c/s.
23/11/2010N235WDferried San Jose-Houston-Dothan in full VarigLog c/s (arrived 24/11/2010).
14/10/2011N235WDat Dothan in full VarigLog c/s; stored.
08/05/2012N235WDferried Dothan-San Antonio.
19/05/2012N235WDferried San Antonio-Goodyear; for continued storage.
02/11/2012N235WDat Goodyear in full VarigLog c/s; stored.
01/12/2012N235WDat Goodyear in full VarigLog c/s; missing both engines; stored.
00/06/2013N235WDat Goodyear in full VarigLog c/s; missing both engines; stored.
24/10/2013N235WDat Goodyear in full VarigLog c/s; stored.
05/01/2014N235WDat Goodyear in full VarigLog c/s; stored.
30/01/2014N235WDat Goodyear in full VarigLog c/s; stored.
19/04/2014N235WDat Goodyear in full VarigLog c/s; missing both engines; stored.
21/11/2014N235WDbt Jetran LLC.
11/12/2014N235WDrgd to Jetran LLC, Horseshoe Bay, TX.
02/02/2015N235WDat Goodyear in VarigLog c/s; stored.
31/07/2015N235WDat Goodyear in VarigLog c/s; stored.
04/09/2015N235WDat Goodyear in full Colt Cargo c/s; not wearing a registration.
01/10/2015N235WDat Good year in full Colt Cargo c/s; wearing registration PR-XCA.
12/11/2015N235WDbt Bank of Utah.
13/11/2015N235WDrgd to Bank of Utah.
13/11/2015N235WDferried Goodyear-Miami under registration.
17/11/2015N235WDferried Miami-Rio de Janeiro under registration.
25/11/2015N235WDregistration cancelled.
25/11/2015PR-XCAlt Colt Cargo; named "Miss Victoria".
00/00/2016PR-XCAstored at Sao Paulo (after 27/10/2016).
01/02/2017PR-XCAferried Sao Paulo-Miami under registration; for lease return.
24/05/2017N235WDrgd to Bank of Utah.
16/02/2018N235WDrgd to Jetran LLC.
12/09/2018N235WDat Miami/MIA in full Colt Cargo c/s; missing both engines including nacelles.
08/03/2019N235WDat Miami/MIA in full Colt Cargo c/s; missing left engine (possibly right engine as well).
28/08/2019N235WDferried Miami/MIA-Roswell/ROW under registration (arrived 29/08/2019); for continued storage.
13/07/2022N235WDrgd to Bank of Utah.
21/08/2022N235WDferried Roswell/ROW-Orlando/SFB as JTN256; for freighter modifications.
21/10/2022N235WDat Orlando/SFB in all white c/s; missing both engines.
14/03/2023N235WDat Orlando/SFB in all white c/s; missing both engines.

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