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Line number0209
Type23A F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
19/12/1988EC-247roll out.
23/01/1989EC-247first flight.
15/02/1989EC-247del Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.
15/02/1989EC-247lt Lineas Aereas Hispania.
08/03/1989EC-247ferried Everett-Palma.
00/04/1989EC-EMVLineas Aereas Hispania; re-rgd.
15/07/1989EC-EMVrepossessed by Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.
00/00/1989N510SKAnsett Worldwide Aviation Services; re-rgd.
21/09/1989N510SKferried Leeds/Bradford-London/Luton.
19/10/1989G-OOOIlt & rgd Air 2000.
21/10/1989G-OOOIferried London/Luton-Sharjah; en route to Melbourne for lease to Ansett Airlines.
22/10/1989G-OOOIsub-lt Ansett Airlines.
27/10/1989G-OOOIin service: Melbourne-Sydney.
31/03/1990G-OOOIret Air 2000.
24/12/2000G-OOOIat Manchester with "TCS Expeditions" titles.
03/03/2001G-OOOIat Salzburg in full Air 2000 c/s.
17/12/2001G-OOOIbt AMWS I, New York, NY; opb Air 2000 on lease.
00/04/2003G-OOOIwas to be returned to AWAS but it has been offered back to Air 2000 on a power-by-the-hour deal.
03/06/2003G-OOOIlast service: Zakhintos-Manchester as AMM801D; ferried Manchester-London/Luton for end of lease maintenance.
15/07/2003G-OOOIferried London/Luton-Norwich as AMM757M; for repaint.
23/07/2003G-OOOIferried Norwich-London/Luton in all white c/s.
28/07/2003G-OOOIregistration cancelled; ret to AWMS I, New York, NY.
29/07/2003N289ANrgd to AWMS I, New York, NY.
00/08/2003N289ANferried London/Luton-Lasham; for storage.
08/08/2003N289ANat Lasham; stored.
19/11/2003N289ANregistration cancelled.
21/11/2003G-OAVBrgd to Ltd., trading as, Sale.
25/11/2003G-OAVBlt; ferried Lasham-Manchester as MNF951P in full c/s.
07/04/ ceased operations; aircraft parked at Manchester.
04/05/2004G-OAVBferried Manchester-Southend as MNF752T in full c/s.
18/05/ c/s removed.
19/05/2004G-OAVBat Southend in all white c/s with "Astreaus" titles.
20/05/2004G-OAVBferried Southend-Manston as AEU001T.
21/05/2004G-OAVBferried Liverpool-East Midlands as AEU095T.
12/08/2004G-OAVBrgd to Astraeus Ltd., Gatwick.
30/11/2004G-OAVBferried London/Gatwick-Southend as AEU001P; for maintenance and repaint.
15/12/2004G-OAVBferried Southend-London/Gatwick as AEU002P in full Astraeus c/s.
16/07/2007N920FDregistration reserved by Federal Express Corporation.
00/12/2007G-OAVBret to lessor.
11/12/2007G-OAVBat Lasham with registration N920FD.
12/12/2007G-OAVBregistration cancelled.
13/12/2007N920FDbt & rgd to Federal Express Corporation.
15/12/2007N920FDferried Lashan-Shannon-Bangor as FDX9057.
16/12/2007N920FDferried Bangor-Indianapolis as FDX9057.
04/01/2008N920FDferried Indianapolis-Mobile as FDX9920; for conversion to freighter.
07/05/2009N920FDconversion to freighter completed at Mobile.
23/12/2009N920FDat Memphis; named "Sophia".
Marcel van Noordenne

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