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Line number0214
Type236 SF
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535C
Mode S40066C
20/01/1989G-BMRJroll out.
20/02/1989G-BMRJfirst flight.
06/03/1989G-BMRJdel British Airways.
07/03/1989G-BMRJarr London/Heathrow as BA9674E in full Caledonian Airways c/s on ferry flight from U.S.A.
14/03/1989G-BMRJferried London/Heathrow-London/Gatwick as BA9672E.
15/03/1989G-BMRJlt Caledonian Airways; named "Loch Tummel".
17/03/1989G-BMRJfirst service: London/Gatwick-Athens.
01/11/1989G-BMRJret British Airways.
04/11/1989G-BMRJferried London/Gatwick-London/Heathrow as BA9715P in basic Caledonian Airways c/s with "British Airways" titles; in service: London/Heathrow-Manchester.
19/03/1990G-BMRJlt Caledonian Airways; named "Loch Tummel".
28/10/1990G-BMRJret British Airways; ferried London/Gatwick-London/Heathrow as BA9656P.
29/10/1990G-BMRJat Manchester; named "Loch Tummel",
00/00/1990G-BMRJrenamed "Old Wardour Castle".
03/11/1990G-BMRJin service: London/Heathrow-Manchester.
05/03/1998G-BMRJr/o at London/Stansted in new British Airways c/s with "Grand Union" tail c/s; ferried London/Stansted-London/Heathrow; in service: London/Heathrow-Stuttgart as BA920.
10/03/2002G-BMRJlast service: Prague-London/Heathrow as BA857 (TT: 27913 hours; 19594 cycles).
01/06/2002G-BMRJferried London/Heathrow-Tel Aviv as BOE263; for conversion to freighter.
14/06/2002G-BMRJbt & rgd to Barclays Mercantile Business Finance Ltd.
23/11/2002G-BMRJferried Tel Aviv-Brussels as BOE236 in basic British Airways c/s without titles.
24/11/2002G-BMRJferried Brussels-Bangor-Mobile; for repaint and maintenance.
16/12/2002G-BMRJferried Mobile-East Midlands in yellow/red DHL c/s.
17/12/2002G-BMRJlt & rgd to DHL Air Holdings (UK) Ltd., Diegem, Belgium.
19/12/2002G-BMRJin service: East Midlands-Edinburgh as BCS2705.
27/08/2010G-BMRJsub-lt Tasman Cargo; ferried East Midlands-Bahrein0Singapore-Sydney-Auckland as DHK757 (arrived 31/08/2010).
01/09/2010G-BMRJin service: Sydney-Auckland as TMN2.
25/08/2011G-BMRJlast service: Sydney-Auckland as TMN2 (arrived 26/08/2011).
31/08/2011G-BMRJret DHL Air; ferried Auckland-Brisbane-Singapore-Delhi-Bahrain-East Midlands as DHK9999 (arrived 02/09/2011).
19/06/2012G-BMRJat Leipzig with picture of rhino on the middle of the fuselage (right side only), together with "Protecting Rhino's - Eliska's return to Africa" titles and large 'The George Adamson Preservation Trust' sticker next to it; also Rhino logo on tail (applied after 02/06/2016).
Marcel van Noordenne


  1. Hi Marcel, great site. As for G-BMRJ, she must have changed names between Loch Tummel and Old Wardour Castle frequently. There are Pictures showing her in BA colours with Loch Tummel after 1990. I flew her in January 1998 and I am almost 100% sure she was with Loch Tummel Name at that time, too.


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