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Line number0878
EnginesPratt & Whitney PW2037
Mode S507C51
22/06/1999N719TWroll out.
08/07/1999N719TWfirst flight.
26/07/1999N719TWdel Trans World Airlines; '7519'.
26/07/1999N719TWbt Aerospace Finance LLC; opb Trans World Airlines on lease.
28/07/1999N719TWrgd to Aerospace Finance LLC, Hialeah, FL.
01/08/1999N719TWfirst service: St. Louis-New York/La Guardia.
02/12/2001N719TWTrans World Airlines merged into American Airlines; '5TV'.
04/10/2002N719TWat Los Angeles in full American Airlines c/s including "American" titles.
01/08/2003N719TWlast service: St. Louis-Kansas City as AAL2810 (TT: 13517 hours; 4675 cycles); remained at Kansas City for storage.
02/03/2004N719TWret Aerospace Finance LLC; ferried Kansas City-Victorville as AAL9768 (TT: 13522 hours; 4675 cycles).
10/06/2004N719TWbt PAFCO 28487 Inc.; ferried Victorville-Goodyear.
15/07/2004N719TWrgd to PAFCO 28487 Inc., San Francisco, CA.
21/08/2004N719TWat Goodyear in full Uzbekistan Airways c/s.
08/10/2004N719TWregistration cancelled.
10/10/2004VP-BUIlt Uzbekistan Airways; ferried Goodyear-New York/JFK-Rome-Tashkent as UZB3520 (arrived 11/10/2004).
00/04/2018UK75703Uzbekistan Airways; re-rgd.
30/08/2021UK75703last service: Termez/TMJ-Tashkent/TAS as UZB66.
06/09/2021UK75703ferried Tashkent/TAS-London/STN-New York/JFK-Blytheville/BYH as UZB3520 (arrived 07/09/2021); for part out and scrapping.
08/01/2023UK75703at Blytheville/BYH; missing both engines.
Marcel van Noordenne

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