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Line number0805
Type2Q8 W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S151E8D
25/04/1998G-FCLEroll out.
16/05/1998G-FCLEfirst flight.
24/05/1998G-FCLEdel International Lease Finance Corporation.
24/05/1998G-FCLElt Flying Colours Airlines; ferried Boeing Field-Manchester as FCL757P (arrived 25/05/1998).
26/05/1998G-FCLEfirst service: Manchester-Alicante.
12/11/1999G-FCLEferried Manchester-Southend as FCL757M; for repaint.
19/11/1999G-FCLEdep Southend in full JMC Airlines c/s,
27/03/2000G-FCLEoperational name change to JMC Airlines.
13/12/2002G-FCLEferried Glasgow-Southend as JMC757M; for repaint.
20/12/2002G-FCLEferried Southend-London/Gatwick as JMC042M in full Thomas Cook Airlines c/s.
01/03/2003G-FCLEoperational name change to Thomas Cook Airlines c/s.
03/04/2003G-FCLErgd to Thomas Cook Airlines UK Ltd.
25/04/2004G-FCLEat Lanzarote with "" titles on left side only.
19/11/2012G-FCLEsub-lt Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia.
06/12/2012G-FCLEret Thomas Cook Airlines.
07/12/2013G-FCLElast service: Fuerteventura-Manchester as TCX2015.
08/12/2013G-FCLEferried Manchester-Southend as TCX48M; for maintenance.
26/01/2014G-FCLEferried Southend-Chateauroux as TCX988X; for repaint.
08/02/2014G-FCLEferried Chateauroux-Manchester as TCX972X in Royal Flight c/s.
19/03/2014G-FCLEregistration cancelled.
26/03/2014VQ-BTRlt Royal Flight; ferried Manchester-St. Athan as ABG7786; for installation of blended winglets.
14/04/2014VQ-BTRferried St. Athan-Moscow/Domodedovo as ABG9902 with blended winglets.
08/03/2022VQ-BTRferried Krasnoyarsk/KJA-Moscow/SVO as ABG9902; stored.
00/00/2022RA-73357Royal Flight; re-rgd.
00/05/2022RA-73357Royal Flight ceased operations.
Marcel van Noordenne

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