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Line number0801
Type2Q8 W
EnginesPratt & Whitney PW2040
Mode S461D39
Name"St. Brendan/Breandan"
05/04/1998OH-LBTroll out.
22/04/1998OH-LBTfirst flight.
03/05/1998OH-LBTdel International Lease Finance Corporation.
03/05/1998OH-LBTlt Finnair.
00/05/2002OH-LBTsub-lt Air Scandic; based at Manchester and Newcastle.
00/00/2002OH-LBTret Finnair.
01/06/2007OH-LBTat Helsinki in 2007 Finnair c/s with blended winglets but without tail logo (repainted and installed after 11/05/2007).
00/06/2007OH-LBTsub-lt Air Europe (Italy).
15/06/2007OH-LBTat Stockholm/Arlanda in Finnair c/s with "Air Europe" titles and no tail logo.
00/09/2007OH-LBTret Finnair (after 27/08/2007).
21/09/2007OH-LBTat Malta in full Finnair c/s.
13/05/2010OH-LBTferried Helsinki-Hong Kong; for maintenance.
07/06/2010OH-LBTferried Hong Kong-Helsinki.
20/01/2014OH-LBTferried Helsinki-Shannon as FIN8963.
26/02/2014OH-LBTat Shannon in full Aer Lingus c/s; named "St. Brendan; Braendan".
14/03/2014EI-LBTrgd to Air Contractors (Ireland) Ltd.
11/04/2014EI-LBTferried Shannon-Dublin as ABR001P.
00/04/2014EI-LBTsub-lt Aer Lingus.
14/04/2014EI-LBTin service: Dublin-Toronto as EIN129.
05/06/2015EI-LBTAir Contractors renamed ASL Airlines Ireland; lease to Aer Lingus continues.
05/01/2020EI-LBTlast service: Toronto/YYZ-Dublin/DUB as EIN128 (arrived 06/01/2020).
06/01/2020EI-LBTferried Dublin/DUB-Shannon/SNN as ABR753; ret to ASL Airlines Ireland.
16/01/2020EI-LBTat Shannon/SNN in Aer Lingus c/s without titles and tail logo; parked.
23/01/2020EI-LBTferried Shannon/SNN-Bangor/BGR-Marana/MZJ as ABR752P/753P; for conversion to freighter.
06/03/2020EI-LBTat Marana/MZJ; parked.
16/03/2020EI-LBTat Marana/MZJ; missing both engines.
00/05/2020EI-LBTat Marana/MZJ; missing both engines; missing parts of wings and tail; roof partly cut away; missing all doors; possibly on pallets.
00/00/2020EI-LBTscrapping completed.
Marcel van Noordenne

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  1. Can you provide an update on this plane? Was it made into a freighter or was it scrapped?

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