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Line number0418
Type223 F W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4-B
Mode S-
25/11/1991N660AMroll out.
20/12/1991N660AMfirst flight.
17/01/1992N660AMdel & rgd to American Airlines; '5CH'.
19/01/1992N660AMfirst service: Dallas/Fort Worth-Seattle.
06/12/2007N660AMat Miami with blended winglets (installed after 21/10/2007).
08/09/2015N660AMlast service: Port-au-Prince-Miami as AAL201; ferried Miami-Roswell as AAL9637 (TT: 71772 hours; 24934 cycles); for storage.
31/05/2017N660AMrgd to Texas Aviation Group LLC, Dallas, TX.
04/12/2017N660AMat Roswell in American Airlines c/s with red horizontal striped painted out blue, titles and tail logo painted out; stored.
29/08/2018N660AMferried Roswell/ROW-Goodyear/GYR under registration (at 6000 ft); for part out and scrapping? storage? conversion to freighter?
15/10/2019N660AMperformed local test flight at Goodyear/GYR as JTN9180.
16/10/2019N660AMperformed local test flight at Goodyear/GYR as JTN9180.
06/12/2019N660AMferried Goodyear/GYR-Portsmouth/PSM-Athens/ATH as JTN9225 (arrived 07/12/2019); for Olympus Airways as SX-AMJ.
27/12/2019N660AMregistration cancelled.
00/12/2019SX-AMJrgd to Olympus Airways.
27/02/2020SX-AMJferried Athens/ATH-Madrid/MAD as RGN949P; for lease to Cygnus Air.
02/03/2020SX-AMJferried Madrid/MAD-Athens/ATH as RGN919P ; ret Olympus Airways.
21/06/2020SX-AMJsub-lt Al Haya Aviation; ferried Athens/ATH-Sharjah/SHJ-Erbil/EBL as HYA7011/7013.
12/08/2020SX-AMJret Olympus Airways.
11/01/2021SX-AMJsub-lt Smartlynx; entered service: Leipzig/LEJ-Bergamo/BGY as ART7930.
17/09/2021SX-AMJlast service: Brescia/VBS-Leipzig/LEJ as ART7509.
18/09/2021SX-AMJferried Leipzig/LEJ-Keflavik/KEF-Tucson/TUS-Goodyear/GYR as OLY445F; for lease return.
14/02/2022N224NZrgd to Bank of Utah.
03/08/2022N224NZperformed a local test flight at Goodyear/GYR as OMD238 in full Cygnus Air c/s.
21/09/2022N224NZferried Goodyear/GYR-Tucson/TUS-Keflavik/KEF-Madrid/MAD under registration (arrived 22/09/2022).
22/09/2022N224NZregistration cancelled.
22/09/2022EC-NYMrgd to Cygnus Air.
Marcel van Noordenne

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