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Line number0423
Type223 W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4-B
Mode S4CC26C
13/12/1991N661AAroll out.
20/01/1992N661AAfirst flight.
30/01/1992N661AAdel & rgd to American Airlines; '5CJ'.
01/02/1992N661AAfirst service: Dallas/Fort Worth-Orlando.
23/07/2007N661AAat St. Maarten with blended winglets (installed after 28/01/2007).
15/09/2011N661AAlast service: Miami-Orlando?
24/09/2011N661AAferried Tulsa-Roswell as AAL9620 (TT: 60509 hours; 21007 cycles); for storage.
28/02/2012N661AAferried Roswell-Dallas/Fort Worth as AAL9627.
26/03/2012N661AAregistration cancelled.
26/03/2012TF-ISLbt Icelandair.
01/06/2012TF-ISLferried Mexico City-Keflavik.
10/06/2012TF-ISLin service: Keflavik-Copenhagen.
03/07/2012TF-ISLat Keflavik; named "Öræfajökull".
23/09/2018TF-ISLlast service: Oslo/OSL-Keflavik/KEF as ICE325; stored at Keflavik/KEF.
01/02/2019TF-ISLferried Keflavik/KEF-Kelowna/YLW as ICE6087; for maintenance after storage.
13/09/2020TF-ISLlast service: Frankfurt/FRA-Keflavik/KEF as ICE521.
08/10/2020TF-ISLferried Keflavik/KEF-Kansas City/MCI as ICE6841; for part out/scrapping.
00/00/2021TF-ISLregistration cancelled.
00/00/2021TF-ISLscrapping completed.
Marcel van Noordenne

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