Line number0178
Type27B F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SACAS76
21/04/1988PH-AHIroll out.
16/05/1988PH-AHIfirst flight.
31/05/1988PH-AHIdel Air Holland; named "Majoor Alida M. Bosshardt".
04/07/1988PH-AHIarr Lasham (first visit of a Boeing 757).
16/10/1989PH-AHIferried Amsterdam-Manchester-Copenhagen as AHD197/198.
19/10/1989PH-AHIregistration cancelled.
19/10/1989OY-SHIlt Sterling Airways.
21/10/1989OY-SHIin service: Copenhagen-Stockholm/Arlanda-Goose Bay-Fort Lauderdale as SAW981.
22/10/1989OY-SHIat Copenhagen in basic Air Holland c/s with "Sterling" titles.
09/04/1990OY-SHIferried Copenhagen-Amsterdam as SAW035V; ret to Air Holland.
09/04/1990PH-AHIrgd to Air Holland N.V.
19/09/1990PH-AHIferried Amsterdam-London/Gatwick as AHD397.
20/09/1990PH-AHIferried London/Gatwick-London/Heathrow as AHD491.
26/09/1990PH-AHIr/o at London/Heathrow in full Britannia Airways c/s.
27/09/1990PH-AHIferried London/Heathrow-Amsterdam as AHD498.
04/11/1990PH-AHIlast service: Las Palmas-Amsterdam.
00/11/1990G-BSUBBritannia Airways - not taken up.
05/11/1990PH-AHIlt Britannia Airways; ferried Amsterdam-Manchester as AHD197.
08/11/1990PH-AHIin service: London/Luton-Alicante.
12/01/1991PH-AHIlast service as PH-AHI; Geneva-London/Gatwick.
23/01/1991PH-AHIregistration cancelled.
23/01/1991G-OAHIrgd to Britannia Airways Ltd.
24/01/1991G-OAHIin service: London/Luton-Alicante.
30/09/1991G-OAHIAir Holland ceased operations.
31/10/1991G-OAHIlast service: Palma-London/Luton.
08/11/1991G-OAHIferried London/Luton-Amsterdam as BY757A; for storage.
01/12/1991G-OAHItfd to Air Holland Regional.
15/12/1991G-OAHIferried Amsterdam-London/Luton as AHD097 in full Air Holland c/s; for maintenance.
21/01/1992G-OAHIregistration cancelled.
21/01/1992PH-AHIrgd to Air Holland Regional B.V. (owner is Air Holland N.V.).
06/02/1992PH-AHIat Amsterdam; still wearing registration G-OAHI; missing both engines.
22/03/1992PH-AHIat Amsterdam; stored without engines.
22/05/1992PH-AHIrgd to Air Holland Charter B.V. (owner is Air Holland Leasing II B.V.)
23/05/1992PH-AHIoperating Amsterdam-Sal-Amsterdam as VR607/806 for TACV.
30/10/1994PH-AHIsub-lt Air Europe SpA; ferried Amsterdam-Milan/Malpensa.
28/03/1995PH-AHIret Aitr Holland; ferried Mila/Malpensa-Amsterdam-Copenhagen in basic Air Holland c/s with "Air Europe" titles.
12/04/1995PH-AHIferried Copenhagen-Amsterdam in basic Air Holland c/s without titles.
01/12/1995PH-AHIsub-lt Air Holland SpA.
21/12/1995PH-AHIat Milan/Malpensa in full Air Europe SpA c/s.
15/04/1996PH-AHIret Air Holland in full Air Europe Spa c/s.
27/04/1996PH-AHIat Athens in basic Air Europe SpA c/s with "Air Holland" titles.
00/00/1996PH-AHIr/o at Madrid in full Air Holland c/s (after 15/05/1996) and before 15/12/1996),
00/02/1997PH-AHIat London/Stansted; for maintenance.
08/10/1998PH-AHIarr Lasham.
15/10/1998PH-AHIsub-lt Spanair.
16/10/1998PH-AHIdep Lasham in basic Air Holland c/s with "Spanair" titles.
27/04/1999PH-AHIret Air Holland.
30/04/1999PH-AHIat Amsterdam in basic Air Holland c/s with "Spanair" titles.
00/00/1999PH-AHI"Air Holland" titles applied.
31/10/1999PH-AHIlast service: Ovda-Tel Aviv-Amsterdam.
01/11/1999PH-AHIsub-lt Spanair; ferried Amsterdam-Tenerife as JKK0011.
18/11/1999PH-AHIret to Air Holland; ferried Tenerife-Amsterdam as AHR097; returned due financial problems at Air Holland.
24/11/1999PH-AHIat Amsterdam; entered Martinair hangar; for removal of Spanair titles.
03/12/1999PH-AHIat Amsterdam inside MArtinair hangar; still wearing "Spanair" titles.
13/12/1999PH-AHIbt IEM 757 Leasing I B.V.
13/12/1999PH-AHIlt Martinair Holland B.V.
15/12/1999PH-AHIat Amsterdam in full Martinair c/s.
28/12/1999PH-AHIin service: Amsterdam-Male as MPH031.
00/01/2004PH-AHIlast service:
13/02/2004PH-AHIat Amsterdam in basic Martinair c/s without titles and white tail c/s.
18/02/2004PH-AHIregistration cancelled.
18/02/20044X-EBYlt El Al; ferried Amsterdam-Tel Aviv as LY5338.
18/02/20044X-EBYsub-lt Sun d'Or International Airlines.
13/04/20044X-EBYat Munich in basic Martinair c/s with Sun d'Or" titles (in Hebrew and English).
24/04/20054X-EBYat Amsterdam in basic Martinair c/s with "Sun d'Or" titles (in Hebrew and English).
01/10/20074X-EBYat Katowice with extra "Carlsberg" titles on left aft fuselage (applied after 04/08/2007).
00/10/20074X-EBYret to lessor.
29/10/2007N916FDbt & rgd to Federal Express Corporation.
31/10/2007N916FDferried Larnaca-Dubai as FDX9058; to Singapore/Seletar for conversion to freighter.
01/07/2008N916FDat Singapore in full FedEx c/s; conversion to freighter completed.
21/09/2008N916FDferried Singapore-Osaka/Kansai-Anchorage (arrived 23/09/2008).
20/03/2012N916FDat Manchester; named "Mallory".


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