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Line number0169
Type27B W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S400D27
Name"Jet2 Menorca"
19/02/1988PH-AHFroll out.
11/03/1988PH-AHFfirst flight.
23/03/1988PH-AHFdel Air Holland; ferried Las Vegas-Boeing Field-London/Heathrow as HG757 (arrived 24/03/1988).
00/00/1988PH-AHFaircraft owned by NMB Holland Aircraft Lease B.V.
31/10/1988PH-AHFsub-lt Odyssey International; ferried Amsterdam-London/Stansted as AHD097; ferried London/Stansted-Toronto as AHD099 in Air Holland c/s with "Odyssey" titles.
03/11/1988PH-AHFin service: Toronto-Las Vegas as OL314.
23/03/1989PH-AHFret Air Holland; arr Amsterdam.
08/05/1989PH-AHFnamed "Koningin Wilhelmina" at Amsterdam.
09/10/1990PH-AHFferried Amsterdam-London/Gatwick; for maintenance?
10/10/1990PH-AHFferried London/Gatwick-Copenhagen.
10/10/1990PH-AHFregistration cancelled.
10/10/1990OY-SHFsub-lt Sterling Airways.
12/10/1990OY-SHFin service: Copenhagen-Oslo/Gardemoen-Bangor-Fort Lauderdale as SAW997.
09/04/1991OY-SHFferried Copenhagen-London/Heathrow as SAW035; for maintenance.
12/04/1991G-OAHFsub-lt & rgd to Britannia Airways.
08/05/1991G-OAHFdep London/Heathrow in full Britannia Airways c/s.
10/05/1991G-OAHFin service: East Midlands-Ibiza.
09/05/1992G-OAHFbt ING Lease International; opb Britannia Airways on lease.
19/04/1996G-OAHFlast service: Tenerife-London/Luton.
21/04/1996G-OAHFferried London/Luton-Shannon.
14/05/1996G-OAHFret ING Lease International.
14/05/1996G-OAHFregistration cancelled.
15/05/19964X-EBFlt El Al; '532'.
26/05/19964X-EBFat Paris/Orly in all white c/s without titles; opf Arkia.
27/07/19964X-EBFat Amsterdam in all white c/s without titles.
17/08/19964X-EBFat Zurich in all white c/s without titles; opf Arkia.
15/06/19974X-EBFsub-lt Arkia.
00/04/20004X-EBFret ING Lease International.
17/04/2000PH-AHFlt & rgd Martinair Holland N.V.; ferried Tel Aviv-Amsterdam as MPH752 in full Martinair c/s.
18/04/2000PH-AHFin service: Amsterdam-Dalaman as MPH105.
02/04/2001PH-AHFlast service: Tenerife-Amsterdam as MPH462.
05/04/2001PH-AHFferried Amsterdam-Keflavik in basic Martinair c/s without titles and tail logo.
17/04/2001PH-AHFferried Keflavik-Amsterdam in all white c/s.
26/04/2001PH-AHFret ING Lease International.
26/04/2001PH-AHFlt Air Holland.
27/04/2001PH-AHFin service: Amsterdam-Izmir as HLN511.
01/05/2001PH-AHFat Amsterdam in all white c/s without titles.
04/05/2001PH-AHFrgd to Air Holland Leasing III B.V.
10/05/2001PH-AHFAir Holland titles and tail logo applied at Amsterdam.
04/10/2001PH-AHFferried Amsterdam-Shannon as HLN901P; for maintenance.
12/11/2001PH-AHFferried Shannon-Amsterdam in all white c/s.
25/03/2002PH-AHFrgd to Air Holland I B.V.
00/04/2002PH-AHFret ING Lease International.
29/04/2002PH-AHFregistration cancelled.
29/04/2002TC-ANNlt Air Anatolia.
00/01/2003TC-ANNret IEM Airfinance.
07/05/2003TC-FLClt Fly Air.
00/05/2003TC-FLCat London/Heathrow in basic Air Anatolia c/s without titles; opf Sudan Airways.
18/05/2003TC-FLCat London/Heathrow; operating SD120/121 fro Sudan Airways.
20/05/2003TC-FLCat Paris/Charles de Gaulle in basic Air Anatolia c/s without titles; opf Sudan Airways.
07/06/2003TC-FLCat Maastricht/Aachen in all white c/s with red tail c/s and without titles and tail logo.
20/06/2003TC-FLCat Amsterdam in full 'Corendon' c/s with "" titles and Corendon tail logo (applied after 17/06/2003).
11/01/2004TC-FLCat Manchester; opf Sudan Airways as SD121.
14/03/2004TC-FLCat Madrid in full 'Corendon' c/s.
20/03/2004TC-FLCat Madrid in full 'Corendon' c/s; wearing registration N136CV.
24/03/2004TC-FLCret to lessor.
24/03/2004N136CVbt Wells Fargo Bank (from IEM (Holland) Aircraft Lease.
25/03/2004N136CVrgd to Wells Fargo Bank.
25/03/2004N136CVferried Madrid-Gander-Goodyear; for storage.
03/08/2004N136CVat Goodyear; now moved from the field to Timco ramp.
26/08/2004N136CVbt Compass Capital Corporation.
26/08/2004N136CVbt New Mexorado Gas LLC, East Alton, IL.
12/10/2004N136CVrgd to New Mexorado Gas LLC, East Alton, IL.
30/01/2005N136CVat Goodyear; stored.
10/05/2005N136CVregistration cancelled.
17/05/2005G-LSABbt & rgd to Channel Express (Air Services) Ltd.
30/07/2005G-LSABferried Goodyear-Salina-Goose Bay-Southend as SXA240 in full 'Corendon' c/s (arrived 31/07/2005).
13/10/2005G-LSABbt & rgd to Dart Group Plc.
03/12/2005G-LSABat Southend; being repainted.
16/12/2005G-LSABperformed a local test flight at Southend as EXS101E in full Jet2 c/s with "" titles; named "Jet2 Menorca"' during flighr the aircraft developed a leading edge asymmetric flap problem and diverted to London/Stansted.
20/12/2005G-LSABferried London/Stansted-Southend as EXS100E.
31/12/2005G-LSABferried Southend-Leeds/Bradford as EXS100E.
00/11/2010G-LSABat Lasham with large "✔ 22kg baggage allowance ✔ allocated seats" titles on left side and "✔ Points for FREE flights ✔ Great flight times" titles on right side (applied after 05/09/2010).
29/03/2013G-LSABat Tenerife with "✔ Great Package Deals ✔ Great flight times" titles on right side (applied after 18/02/2013).
21/03/2020G-LSABlast service: Tenerife/TFS-Leeds/LBA as EXS224.
25/03/2020G-LSABferried Leeds/LBA-Manchester as EXS39E; for parking because of COVID-19 pandemic.
01/08/2020G-LSABret to service: Manchester/MAN-?
24/10/2020G-LSABlast service: Rhodes/RHO-Manchester/MAN as EXS1738.
13/11/2020G-LSABferried Manchester/MAN-Murcia/RMU as EXS039E; for storage/parking.
29/05/2021G-LSABferried Murcia/RMU-Manchester/MAN as EXS030F; for continued storage.
15/03/2022G-LSABret to service: Manchester/MAN-? as EXS___.
20/01/2024G-LSABlast service: Grenoble/GNB-Manchester/MAN as EXS836 - withdrawn from use.
31/01/2024G-LSABat Manchester/MAN with titles and tail logo painted out.
05/02/2024G-LSABferried Manchester/MAN-St. Athan/DGX as EXS75AB; for part out and scrapping.
14/03/2024G-LSABregistration cancelled.
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