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Line number0150
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S401079
11/09/1987N5573Kroll out.
08/10/1987N5573Kfirst flight.
00/11/1987N5573Kferried to China under N-registration.
07/11/1987B-2803del Civil Aviation Administration of China.
15/11/1990B-2803tfd to China Southern Airlines.
00/00/0000B-2803repainted in full China Southern Airlines c/s.
26/10/2006B-2803at Guangzhou; stored (after 05/03/2006).
23/11/2006G-LSAIrgd to Dart Group Plc.
21/02/2007G-LSAIferried Guangzhou-Al Ain-Larnaca-Southend as SXA407 in basic China Southern Airlines c/s without titles (arrived 22/02/2007).
19/03/2007G-LSAIat Southend; entered hangar for repaint.
24/04/2007G-LSAIferried Southend-Leeds/Bradford as EXS050P in full Jet2 c/s.
24/04/2010G-LSAIat Malaga with extra "Friendly Low Fares" titles on fuselage and engine cowlings.
19/03/2011G-LSAIat Groningen with extra "✔Points for FREE flights ✔Great flight times" titles on right side & "✔22kg bag allowance ✔Allocated seats" on left side of fuselage (applied after 00/12/2010).
17/10/2013G-LSAIat Arrecife, now with "✔ Great Package Holidays ✔Great flight times" titles on right side of fuselage (applied after 31/08/2012).
10/04/2017G-LSAIaircraft suffered a tail strike on landing at Alicante on a flight from Leeds/Bradford as EXS271.
06/05/2017G-LSAIferried Alicante-Manchester as EXS043A at maximum height of 10,000 feet after landing incident (tail strike) at Alicante April 10th.
27/05/2017G-LSAIferried Manchester-Leeds/Bradford as EXS041A; after repairs.
27/05/2017G-LSAIin service: Leeds/Bradford-Tenerife as EXS223.
07/03/2020G-LSAIlast service: Salzburg/SZG-Manchester/MAN as EXS934.
09/03/2020G-LSAIferried Manchester/MAN-Lasham/QLA as EXS030K;. for maintenance/parking.
05/11/2020G-LSAIferried Lasham/QLA-Manchester/MAN as EXS040K.
27/04/2021G-LSAIferried Murcia/RMU-Manchester/MAN as EXS030F; for maintenance prior returning service.
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