Line number0132
Type2T7 F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SAD002B
13/04/1987G-DRJCroll out.
01/05/1987G-DRJCfirst flight.
11/05/1987G-DRJCdel International Lease Finance Corporation.
11/05/1987G-DRJClt Monarch Airlines.
25/04/1988G-DRJCr/o at London/Luton in full Briytish Airways c/s.
26/04/1988G-DRJCsub-lt British Airways; named "Braemar Castle"; ferried London/Luton-London/Heathrow as BA9697P.
19/04/1989G-DRJCret Monarch Airlines.
02/11/1989G-DRJCdep London/Luton as MON102 on ferry flight to Australia.
04/11/1989G-DRJCsub-lt to Australia Airlines.
06/11/1989G-DRJCin service: Melbourne-Sydney.
23/04/1990G-DRJCret Monarch Airlines; dep Melbourne on feery flight to UK.
03/01/1993G-DRJClast service: Naples-London/Luton.
04/01/1993G-DRJCret International Lease Finance Corporation.
28/01/1993at London/Luton in full Britannia Airways c/s; no registration.
15/03/1993G-DRJCregistration cancelled.
15/03/1993G-BYAMlt & rgd to Britannia Airways Ltd.
08/04/1993G-BYAMin service: London/Luton-Belfast.
30/12/1993G-BYAMbt Nimbus Aviation LTd.; opb Britannia Airways on lease.
00/12/1996G-BYAMarr Maastricht/Aachen; for repaint.
11/12/1996G-BYAMdep Maastricht/Aachen as BAL990F; after repaint.
05/06/1999G-BYAMlast service: Mahon-London/Luton.
02/07/1999G-BYAMret Nimbus Aviation Ltd.
03/07/1999G-BYAMferried London/Luton-Bangor.
16/08/1999G-BYAMregistration cancelled.
16/08/1999N513NAbt Aircraft 23895 Inc.
16/08/1999N513NAlt National Airlines.
17/08/1999N513NArgd to First Security Bank.
28/07/2000N513NAaircraft was hijacked by one man at New York/JFK (Terminal 4), while boarding for a flight to Las Vegas as ROK019; boarded passengers all left plane safely; later also both pilots; later the hijacker surrendered to police; no injuries.
06/11/2002N513NANational Airlines ceased operations.
07/11/2002N513NAret Aircraft 23895 Inc.
08/11/2002N513NAferried Las Vegas-Everett/Paine Field.
12/11/2002N513NAat Everett; on Goodrich ramp.
01/02/2003N513NAat Everett in all white c/s.
00/00/2003N513NAferried Everett-Greensboro.
12/04/2003N513NAat Greensboro; stored.
06/05/2003N513NAoffered for public sale.
20/05/2003N513NArepossessed by CIT Group/Equipment Financing Inc.
26/06/2003N513NAlt Pace Airlines.
02/07/2003N513NArgd to CIT Group/Equipment Leasing Inc., New York, NY.
14/07/2003N513NAat Greensboro in full Pace Airlines c/s.
16/08/2003N513NAat Atlanta in all white c/s with blue tail, large "Pace" titles on red/blue engines; named "The Grace Evelyn Pacemaker".
00/12/2005N513NAret CIT Group/Equipment Leasing Inc.
20/02/2006N513NAat Miami in all white c/s.
23/03/2006N513NAlt Avianca Colombia; ferried Marana-Bogota in all white c/s without titles.
00/00/2006N513NArepainted at Bogota in 2005 Avianca Colombia c/s.
27/02/2009N513NAret to lessor; ferried Bogota-Los Angeles in basic Avianca Colombia c/s.
28/02/2009N513NAferried Los Angeles-Victorville; for storage.
23/05/2009N513NAat Victorville; stored.
29/05/2009N513NAbt Federal Express Corporation.
17/06/2009N513NArgd to Federal Express Corporation.
15/10/2009N513NAat Victorville in basic Avianca Colombia c/s; stored.
10/03/2010N937FDregistration reserved by Federal Express Corporation.
12/04/2010N937FDFederal Express Corporation; re-rgd.
20/07/2010N937FDferried Singapore/Seletar-Osaka-Anchorage-Memphis as FDX9088 (arrived 21/07/2010); after conversion to freighter.
05/02/2012N937FDat Memphis; named "Aley".
23895/0132 N513NA

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