Line number0182
Type2F8 C
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S70A062
ConfigurationC16Y174 / Combi
15/06/1988N5573Kroll out.
15/07/1988N5573Kfirst flight.
15/09/19889N-ACBdel Royal Nepal Airlines; named "Gandaki".
07/12/20039N-ACBat Osaka with extra "Destination Nepal Campaign" titles.
26/07/20049N-ACBat Bangkok; no longer wearing extra "Destination Nepal Campaign" titles (removed after 07/04/2004).
00/00/20069N-ACBairline renamed Nepal Airlines.
03/02/20079N-ACBat Hong Kong with "Nepal Airlines" titles.
16/02/20189N-ACBat Kuala Lumpur; in service (last proof that aircraft is in service).
30/09/20189N-ACBlast service?
30/03/20199N-ACBat Kathmandu/KTM; stored.
00/01/20209N-ACBaircraft sold to US company CSDS Aircraft Sales and Leasing.
00/06/20209N-ACBat Kathmandu/KTM; stored.
23863/0182 9N-ACB
23863/0182 9N-ACB

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