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Line number0053
EnginesPratt & Whitney PW2037
Mode SA63F7A
03/01/1985N501USroll out.
08/02/1985N501USfirst flight.
28/02/1985N501USdel Northwest Orient Airlines; '5501'; named "City of St. Paul".
01/10/1986N501UScompany renamed Northwest Airlines.
16/04/1993N501USat Boston in 1989 Northwest Airlines c/s.
23/10/2003N501USat Minneapolis in 2003 Northwest Airlines c/s (repainted after 12/04/2010).
29/10/2008N501USNorthwest Airlines merged into Delta Air Lines.
31/12/2009N501USrgd to Delta Air Lines Inc.
26/04/2010N501USat Las Vegas in 2007 Delta Air Lines c/s with "Delta" titles (repainted after 12/04/2010).
13/04/2013N501USlast service: Minneapolis-Phoenix as DAL999.
14/04/2013N501USferried Phoenix-Marana as DAL9931 (TT: 87477 hours; 37138 cycles); for storage.
25/10/2013N501USat Marana; stored; missing both engines.
15/12/2013N501USat Marana; stored.
05/01/2014N501USat Marana in full Delta Air Lines c/s; missing both engines and front 2 doors.
06/04/2014N501USat Marana; stored.
28/03/2015N501USat Marana; stored.
28/01/2018N501USat Marana; most usable parts removed; still standing on landing gear.
00/00/2018N501USscrapping completed.
29/03/2018N501USregistration cancelled.
Marcel van Noordenne

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