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N57870United Airlines
Line number1031
Type33N W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4-C
Mode SA76F87
27/04/2003N560TZroll out.
08/05/2003N560TZfirst flight.
18/06/2003N560TZdel ATA Airlines.
18/06/2003N560TZbt BCC Equipment Leasing Company; opb ATA Airlines on lease.
19/06/2003N560TZrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
21/06/2003N560TZfirst service: Chicago/Midway-Orlando.
02/04/2008N560TZlast service: Toronto-Panama City as TZ6172; ferried Panama City-Dallas/fort Worth as TZ7027.
03/04/2008N560TZATA Airlines filed for Chapter 11 and ceased all operations.
06/04/2008N560TZferried Dallas/Fort Worth-Victorville as TZ7420; for storage.
12/05/2008N560TZat Victorville in full ATA Airlines c/s; stored.
24/03/2009N560TZat Victorville in full ATA Airlines c/s; stored.
23/05/2009N560TZat Victorville in full ATA Airlines c/s; stored.
30/10/2009N57870registration reserved by Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
02/11/2009N560TZlt Continental Airlines (from Boeing Capital).
02/11/2009N560TZrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
05/11/2009N560TZferried Victorville-Honolulu-Guam-Hong Kong as COA3171 (arrived 06/11/2009).
15/12/2009N57870Continental Airlines; re-rgd.
20/12/2009N57870ferried Hong Kong-Guam-Honolulu-Houston as COA3172/3174/3175 after maintenance, repaint and installation of blended winglets (arrived 21/12/2009).
21/12/2009N57870in service: Houston-Cancun as COA564.
02/05/2010N57870Continental Airlines agreed with United Airlines to merge into United Airlines.
01/10/2010N57870Continental Airlines merged with United Airlines into United Airlines; '3869'.
08/01/2011N57870last service: Denver-Houston as COA1098; ferried Houston-Amarillo as COA9970; for repaint.
11/01/2011N57870ferried Amarillo-Houston as COA9973 in 2010 United Airlines c/s with "United" titles; in service: Houston-Las Vegas as COA497.
31/03/2020N57870last service: Chicago/ORD-Denver/DEN as UAL2465; parked because of COVID-19 pandemic.
23/05/2020N57870ferried Denver/DEN-Orlando/MCO as UAL2721; for continued parking because of COVID-19 pandemic.
28/05/2020N57870ret to service: Orlando/MCO-Washington/IAD as UAL2379.
14/05/2022N57870ferried Denver/DEN-Amarillo/AMA as UAL2700; for repaint.
01/06/2022N57870ferried Amarillo/AMA-Chicago/ORD as UAL2736 in 2019 (Blue Evolution) United Airlines c/s.
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