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Line number0400
Type2Y0 F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SAD605E
12/09/1991XA-TAEroll out.
07/10/1991XA-TAEfirst flight.
19/10/1991XA-TAEdel GPA Group Ltd.
19/10/1991XA-TAElt Taesa.
10/11/1994XA-TAEret GPA Group Ltd.
15/12/1994XA-TAElt Taesa.
09/01/1995XA-TAEret GPA Group Ltd.
16/02/1995N400KLrgd to First Security Bank of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT.
12/04/1995EI-CLPbt Kolding Ltd.
12/04/1995EI-CLPlt Venus Airlines.
14/04/1995EI-CLPferried Dothan-Keflavik-Athens (arrived 15/04/1996).
17/04/1995EI-CLPferried Athens-Iraklion for first service out of Iraklion same day.
29/04/1995EI-CLPat Zurich in full Venus Airlines c/s.
15/11/1996EI-CLPret Kolding Ltd.
13/12/1996C-GTSUlt Air Transat.
22/12/1996C-GTSUat Fort Lauderdale in basic Venus Airlines c/s with "Air Transat" titles and tail logo.
15/04/1997C-GTSUret Kolding Ltd.
16/04/1997C-GTSUarr London/Heathrow in basic Venus Airlines c/s without titles.
16/04/1997C-GTSUregistration cancelled.
16/04/1997G-CPEPbt Solitar Capital.
16/04/1997G-CPEPlt British Airways.
06/05/1997G-CPEPferried London/Heathrow-London/Luton; for maintenance.
10/06/1997G-CPEPferried London/Luton-London/Heathrow.
22/06/1997G-CPEPferried London/Heathrow-London/Luton in new British Airways c/s with "Colomn" tail c/s; for further maintenance with Monarch Airlines.
11/07/1997G-CPEPferried London/Luton-London/Heathrow.
13/07/1997G-CPEPin service: London/Heathrow-Edinburgh.
19/07/1999G-CPEPbt Babcock & Brown; opb British Airways on lease.
12/07/2000G-CPEPlast service: Glasgow-London/Heathrow as BA1499 (TT: 19731 landings; 12685 cycles).
06/08/2000G-CPEPferried London/Heathrow-Bangor as BA9272P.
07/08/2000G-CPEPferried Bangor-Marana as BA9273P; for storage.
09/12/2000G-CPEPat Marana in basic British Airways c/s without titles; stored.
23/09/2001G-CPEPferried Marana-Montreal as BA9275P.
24/09/2001G-CPEPferried Montreal-London/Luton as BA9276P; for maintenance.
16/11/2001G-CPEPat London/Luton in basic British Airways c/s without titles.
03/03/2002G-CPEPat London/Luton: parked.
04/04/2002G-CPEPferried London/Luton-Norwich; for repaint.
14/04/2002G-CPEPr/o at Norwich in new Air 2000 c/s with "" titles.
15/04/2002G-CPEPferried Norwich-Manchester as AMM757M.
30/04/2002G-CPEPlt Air 2000.
02/05/2002G-CPEPin service: Manchester-Lesbos as AMM472C.
13/01/2004G-CPEPAir 2000 renamed First Choice Airways.
25/03/2004G-CPEPat Lanzarote in full First Choice Airways c/s.
20/10/2008G-CPEPrgd to Thomson Airways Ltd.
01/11/2008G-CPEPFirst Choice Airways merged with Thomsonfly into Thomson Airways.
10/03/2010G-CPEPferried London/Gatwick-Maastricht/Aachen; for repaint.
16/03/2010G-CPEPferried Maastricht/Aachen-Manchester in Thomson Airways c/s.
16/10/2011G-CPEParr Shannon; for maintenance.
25/10/2011G-CPEPferried Shannon-London/Gatwick in basic Thomson Airways c/s; to be returned to lessor.
28/10/2011G-CPEPregistration cancelled.
28/10/2011N961FDbt & rgd to Federal Express Corporation (from Stratford Company Ltd.).
29/10/2011N961FDferried London/Gatwick-Bangor-Indianapolis-Victorville as FDX9085 in basic Thomson Airways c/s.
01/05/2012N961FDferried Victorville-Mobile as FDX9030; for conversion to freighter.
24/05/2012N961FDscheduled start of conversion to freighter.
11/10/2012N961FDscheduled completion of conversion to freighter.
00/12/2012N961FDconversion to freighter completed at Mobile.
19/12/2012N961FDin service: Memphis-?
22/02/2014N961FDat Birmingham, AL; named "Byanca".
Marcel van Noordenne

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