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Line number0382
Type230 F W
EnginesPratt & Whitney PW2040
Mode SA9228A
12/06/1991D-ABNFroll out.
10/07/1991D-ABNFfirst flight.
29/07/1991D-ABNFdel Condor.
29/07/1991D-ABNFbt Havel Aircraft Ltd.; opb Condor on lease.
01/08/1991D-ABNFarr Frankfurt on ferry flight form U.S.A.
03/08/1991D-ABNFrgd to Havel Aircraft Ltd.
26/03/1996D-ABNFr/o at Hamburg in 'Rizzi Bird' c/s (because of Condor's 40th birthday).
17/01/2002D-ABNFr/o at Shannon in new Condor c/s with "Condor" titles and tail logo; ferried Shannon-Frankfurt.
13/08/2002D-ABNFarr Hamburg; for repaint.
15/08/2002D-ABNFr/o at Hamburg; now with "Thomas Cook" titles and tail logo.
17/08/2002D-ABNFin service: Hamburg-Tenerife-Fuerteventura-Hamburg.
29/08/2004D-ABNFat Dusseldorf in yellow Condor c/s with "Condor" titles. "" titles on aft fuselage and Thomas cook tail logo (applied after 27/07/2004).
16/03/2006D-ABNFat Tenerife in yellow Condor c/s with "Condor" titles, Thomas Cook tail logo and '50th' sticker (sticker applied after 25/02/2006).
05/11/2006D-ABNFlast service: ?-Frankfurt.
08/11/2006D-ABNFferried Frankfurt-Abu Dhabi; for maintenance, installation of blended winglets.
00/11/2006D-ABNFret to lessor.
21/12/2006F-HAVNlt l'Avion; ferried Abu Dhabi-Marseille-Paris/Orly.
22/12/2006F-HAVNrgd to GOAL Verwaltungs Gesellschaft mbH & Co. Project Nr. 11 KG; at Chateauroux in full l'Avion c/s with blended winglets.
03/01/2007F-HAVNin service: Paris/Orly-Nwark as AVI001.
02/07/2008F-HAVNBritish Airways agreed to acquire l'Avion.
07/04/2009F-HAVNl'Avion merged into Open Skies.
15/04/2009F-HAFNferried Paris/Orly-Norwich; for repaint.
22/04/2009F-HAVNferried Norwich-Paris/Orly in basic British Airways c/s with "Open Skies" titles; named "Gloria".
29/06/2010F-HAVNrgd to Aerolease 757 MSN 25140 LLC, Plano, TX.
15/09/2016F-HAVNferried Paris/Orly-Norwich as EC8031; for repaint.
23/09/2016F-HAVNferried Norwich-Paris/Orly as EC8032 in standard British Airways c/s (blue belly and blue engine cowlings c/s) with "Open Skies" titles.
25/08/2018F-HAVNlast service: Paris/ORY-Newark/EWR as BOS3.
07/09/2018F-HAVNferried Newark/EWR-Goodyear/GYR as BOS19; for lease return and storage.
07/11/2018N752ALrgd to Aerolease 757 MSN 25140 LLC
08/01/2019N752ALferried Goodyear/GYR-Jacksonville/VQQ under registration; for conversion to freighter.
02/03/2019N752ALrgd to Aero Micronesia.
05/06/2019N752ALperformed a local test flight at Jacksonville/VQQ under registration; ferried Jacksonville/VQQ-Fort Worth/FTW under registration; for repaint?
00/06/2019N752ALregistration cancelled.
24/06/2019N688SLferried Fort Worth/FTW-San Antonio/SKF.
21/07/2019N688SLferried San
Antonio/SKF-Honolulu/HNL under registration in 2019 Asia Pacific Airlines c/s with "Asia Pacific" titles (no longer green on aft fuselage).
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