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Line number0374
Type236 F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SAD5697
08/05/1991N1786Broll out.
31/05/1991N1786Bfirst flight.
00/06/1991G-BNSCAir Europe - not taken up.
18/06/1991I-AEJAdel Sunrock Aircraft Corporation.
18/06/1991I-AEJAlt Air Europe SpA.
19/06/1991I-AEJAarr London/Gatwick as AEL8801 on ferry flight from U.S.A.
23/09/1992I-AEJAarr London/Luton.
00/09/1992I-AEJArepainted in all white c/s as OO-TBI with registration I-AEJA taped over.
30/09/1992I-AEJAferried London/Luton-Milan as I-AEJA.
05/10/1992I-AEJAret Sunrock Aircraft Corporation.
05/10/1992OO-TBIlt Trinity Aviation Ltd., British Virgin Islands.
05/10/1992OO-TBIsub-lt Benelux Falcon Service.
22/10/1992OO-TBIat Teeside in all white c/s without titles; parked.
26/01/1993OO-TBIferried Teeside-Brussels.
28/01/1993OO-TBIarr Eindhoven; for repaint.
04/02/1993OO-TBIferried Eindhoven-Brussels in full Benelux Falcon Service c/s.
06/02/1993OO-TBIin service: Brussels-Hannover-Berlin/Tegel-Arrecife.
15/06/1993OO-TBIlast service: Paris/Orly-Strasbourg-Paris/Orly-Brussels.
06/08/1993OO-TBIferried Brussels-London/Gatwick.
15/08/1993OO-TBIret Sunrock Aircraft Corporation.
05/11/1993OO-TBIregistration cancelled.
05/11/1993N127MAsunrock Aircraft Corporation; re-rgd.
08/11/1993N127MAferried London/Heathrow-Lasham.
00/11/1993N127MAferried Lasham-London/Stansted.
09/12/1993N127MAat London/Stansted; parked.
07/01/1994N127MAr/o at London/Stansted with "Makung International" titles.
11/01/1994N127MAferried London/Stansted-Dubai.
28/01/1994N127MAat Kaohsiung; parked.
00/03/1994N127MAlt Makung International.
18/08/1994N127MAat Kaihsiung; still parked.
19/12/1995B-17501Makung International; re-rgd.
28/01/1996B-17501at Taipei/Sung Shan in all white c/s with "Makung international" titles and tail logo.
12/03/1996B-17501airline renamed UNI Airways Corporation.
11/10/1996N127MAret Sunrock Aircraft Corporation; ferried Dubai-Manchester in full Makung International c/s (registration mispainted as N-127MA).
15/10/1996N127MAentered Monarch Airlines hangar.
22/10/1996SE-DSNferried Manchester-Southend.
27/10/1996SE-DSNr/o at Southend in full Sunways c/s; lt Sunways; ferried Southend-Manchester-Cambridge-Malmo-Stockholm/Arlanda (intermediate stops for crew training).
28/10/1996SE-DSNin service: Rovaniemi-Las Palmas.
24/09/1997SE-DSNat Alborg; impounded on request of Sunrock Aircraft Corporation.
25/09/1997SE-DSNrepossessed by Sunrock Aircraft Corporation.
19/10/1997SE-DSNat Dublin in all white c/s without titles.
22/11/1997SE-DSNregistration cancelled.
22/11/1997XA-TJCferried Dublin-Montreal as MXA2201 in all white c/s.
23/11/1997XA-TJClt Mexicana.
28/01/2000XA-TJCbt UKTHA Ltd.
28/01/2000N522NAbt Pegasus Aviation V Inc.
28/01/2000N522NAlt National Airlines.
31/01/2000N522NArgd to Pegasus Aviation V Inc.
06/11/2002N522NANational Airlines ceased operations.
00/11/2002N522NAret to Pegasus Aviation V Inc.
07/11/2002N522NAferried Las Vegas-Marana; for storage.
27/01/2003N522NAat Marana in full National Airlines c/s; stored.
05/04/2003N522NAferried Marana-Miami in full National Airlines c/s.
10/07/2003N522NAat Miami in full TransMeridian Airlines c/s.
00/00/2003N522NAlt TransMeridian Airlines.
00/00/2003N522NAsub-lt Air Santo Domingo.
21/09/2003N522NAat Miami in basic TransMeridian Airlines c/s with "Air Santo Domingo" titles and tail logo.
00/03/2004N522NAret TransMeridian Airlines.
24/04/2004N522NAat Las Vegas in basic TransMeridian Airlines c/s without titles, but with Air Santo Domingo logo on fuselage and tail.
04/07/2004N522NAat Miami in full TransMeridian Airlines c/s.
30/09/2005N522NATransMeridian Airlines ceased operations.
03/10/2005N522NAarr Miami in full TransMeridian Airlines c/s.
00/01/2006N522NAlt Avianca Colombia.
16/04/2006N522NAat Miami in 2005 Avianca Colombia c/s.
04/07/2007N522NAat Rio de Janeiro with extra 'Juan Valdez' stickers on lower fuselage.
00/11/2010N522NAret to lessor.
23/11/2010N522NAferried Bogota-Miami.
03/12/2010N522NAbt Federal Express Corporation.
06/12/2010N522NAferried Miami-Victorville as FDX9003.
04/01/2011N522NArgd to Federal Express Corporation.
31/08/2011N959FDregistration reserved by Federal Express Corporation.
22/09/2011N959FDFederal Express Corporation; re-gd.
07/10/2011N959FDat Victorville; still wearing registration N522NA; stored.
23/01/2012N959FDferried Victorville-Anchorage-Sapporo-Osaka/Kansai-Singapore/Seletar as FDX9089 (arrived 26/01/2012); for conversion to freighter.
31/01/2012N959FDscheduled start of conversion to freighter.
20/06/2012N959FDscheduled completion of conversion to freighter.
19/07/2012N959FDferried Singapore-Seletar-Osaka/Kansai-Anchorage-Memphis as FDX9088 (arrived 20/07/2012); '959'.
30/03/2013N959FDat Burlington; named "Kylie".
01/02/2024N959FDlast service: New Orleans/MSY-Memphis/MEM as FDX1757; ferried Memphis/MEM-Victorville/VCV as FDX9035; for part out and scrapping.
Marcel van Noordenne

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