Line number0173
Type2G5 F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SAD6415
17/03/1988D-AMUYroll out.
07/04/1988D-AMUYfirst flight.
21/04/1988D-AMUYdel Lufttransport Unternehmen (LTU).
21/04/1988D-AMUYlt LTU Sud.
22/04/1988D-AMUYferried Boeing Field-Amsterdam-Munich as LTU001.
01/11/1997D-AMUYcompany merged into LTU International.
22/04/1998D-AMUYat Dusseldorf in LTU Sud c/s with "LTU" titles.
24/12/1999D-AMUYbt Unicapital Air Group; opb LTU International on lease.
14/08/2000D-AMUYbt East Trust-Sub 2 (from Aircraft 24176 Trust); opb LTU International on lease.
15/05/2002D-AMUYarr Hamburg; for repaint.
20/05/2002D-AMUYr/o at Hamburg in grey and white c/s.
21/05/2002D-AMUYferried Hamburg-Munich.
29/05/2002D-AMUYret East Trust-Sub 2.
30/05/2002SE-RCErgd to East Trust-Sub 2 c/o Wilmington Trust Company.
30/05/2002SE-RCElt Transair Sweden; ferried Munich-Copenhagen as TWE9001; for repaint.
31/05/2002SE-RCEr/o at Copenhagen in full Goodjet c/s with "Goodjet.com" titles; named "Vinga Goteborg".
31/05/2002SE-RCEsub-lt Goodjet (for 1 week).
00/06/2002SE-RCEret Transair Sweden.
08/06/2002SE-RCEat Stockholm/Arlanda in all white c/s with "Transair Sweden" titles; in service: Stockholm/Arlanda-Nice (for Goodjet).
14/06/2002SE-RCEat Malmo in full Transair Sweden c/s (including engine cowlings and tail logo); wearing extra "www.trafficeuropa.com" titles.
12/12/2002SE-RCEret East Trust-Sub 2 c/o Wilmington Trust Company; ferried Stockholm/Arlanda-Munich; for storage.
23/05/2003SE-RCEferried Munich-Shannon; onward to U.S.A.
25/05/2003SE-RCEat Miami.
02/06/2003SE-RCEregistration cancelled.
02/06/2003N500GXEast Trust-Sub 2; re-rgd.
10/07/2003N500GXat Miami in full Transair Sweden c/s; still wearing registration Se-RCE.
31/07/2003N500GXferried Miami-Shannon-Istanbul (arrived 01/08/2003).
00/08/2003TC-OGDlt Atlasjet.
00/08/2003TC-OGDsub-lt Cyprus Turkish Airlines??
03/09/2003TC-OGDat Manchester in all white c/s without titles.
13/09/2003TC-OGDat Manchester in all white c/s with "Atlas International" titles.
15/10/2003TC-OGDat Stuttgart in full Atlas International c/s.
00/11/2004TC-OGDsub-lt Air Astana in all white c/s.
00/01/2005TC-OGDret Atlasjet.
11/01/2005TC-OGDat Dusseldorf in all white c/s without titles.
15/01/2005TC-OGDat Dusseldorf in all white c/s with red "Atlasjet" titles, white tail c/s on right side & red tail c/s with "Atlasjet" titles on left side.
11/03/2005TC-OGDat Zurich with extra 'Atlasjet frequent flyer programme' sticker.
00/04/2006TC-OGDret to lessor.
02/05/2006TC-OGDat Beirut in all white c/s.
20/06/2006CS-TLXlt Euro Atlantic Airways (from GATX); ferried Istanbul-Lisbon as MMZ757.
30/06/2006CS-TLXat Helsinki in full Euro Atlantic Airways c/s.
15/12/2006CS-TLXat Jeddah with extra "Knights Airlines" titles below "Euro Atlantic Airways " titles (applied after 00/10/2006).
24/02/2007CS-TLXat Lisbon; no longer with extra "Knights Airlines" titles.
02/12/2007CS-TLXsub-lt Afriqiyah; ferried Lisbon-Mitiga; for Hadj operations.
14/12/2007CS-TLXret Euro Atlantic Airways; ferried Mitiga-Lisbon.
29/12/2007CS-TLXsub-lt Afriqiyah; ferried Lisbon-Mitiga.
00/01/2008CS-TLXret Euro Atlantic Airways.
10/07/2010CS-TLXsub-lt Tunisair; ferried Lisbon-Tunis.
07/09/2010CS-TLXret Euro Atlantic Airways.
22/09/2011CS-TLXret East Trust-Sub 2.
22/09/2011N962FDbt & rgd to Federal Express Corporation.
23/09/2011N962FDferried Lisbon-Manchester/Boston Regional as FDX9085 in basic Euro Atlantic Airways c/s.
24/09/2011N962FDferried Manchester/Boston Regional-Victorville as FDX9085
13/02/2012N962FDscheduled start of conversion to freighter.
04/08/2012N962FDat Mobile; conversion to freighter completed.
12/09/2014N962FDat Los Angeles; named "Nina".

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