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Line number0175
Type236 SF
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535C
Mode S400668
31/03/1988G-BMRFroll out.
27/04/1988G-BMRFfirst flight.
13/05/1988G-BMRFdel British Airways; named "Hever Castle".
14/05/1988G-BMRFarr London/Heathrow as BA9623P on ferry flight from U.S.A.
20/05/1988G-BMRFfirst service: London/Heathrow-Edinburgh.
00/00/1998G-BMRFrepainted in new British Airways c/s with "Water Dreaming" tail c/s.
04/10/2001G-BMRFlast service: Munich-London/Heathrow as BA955 (TT: 27783 hours; 20099 cycles).
16/11/2001G-BMRFbt Barclays Mercantile Business Finance Ltd., Basingstoke.
20/11/2001G-BMRFferried London/Heathrow-Bangor as BOE232.
24/11/2001G-BMRFat Mobile; for conversion to freighter.
10/10/2002G-BMRFferried Mobile-East Midlands as DHK010 in red/white DHL c/s.
13/10/2002G-BMRFferried East Midlands-Brussels as BCS801; in service: Brussels-Basle as BCS4903.
14/10/2002G-BMRFrgd to DHL Air Ltd., Diegem, Belgium.
20/01/2011G-BMRFat Madrid in yellow/red DHL c/s (repainted after 25/07/2010).
27/12/2018G-BMRFlast service: Leipzig/LEJ-Brussels/BRU as BCS840.
28/12/2018G-BMRFferried Brussels/BRU-Castellon/CDT as BCS23P; for part out and scrapping.
Marcel van Noordenne

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