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Line number0177
EnginesPratt & Whitney PW2037
Mode SA85BCA
14/04/1988N638DLroll out.
10/05/1988N638DLfirst flight.
25/05/1988N638DLdel Delta Air Lines; '638'.
26/05/1988N638DLbt EDS Financial Corporation; opb Delta
Air Lines on lease.
16/06/1988N638DLrgd to Wilmington Trust Company.
28/01/2002N638DLat Atlanta inside hangar; for repaint in 2000 Delta Air Lines c/s with "Delta" titles.
11/11/2005N638DLat Los Angeles in full Song c/s with "" titles (repainted after 16/03/2005).
30/04/2007N638DLat Atlanta in 2007 Delta Air Lines c/s with "Delta" titles (repainted after 00/04/2007).
12/05/2010N638DLat Las Vegas with blended winglets (installed after 20/03/2010).
16/07/2013N638DLlast service: Orlando-Atlanta as DAL925.
02/08/2013N638DLret to lessor; ferried Atlanta-Aberdeen Proving Grounds (MD).
06/08/2013N638DLbt Jet Midwest Group LLC (from Wilmington Trust Company).
17/10/2013N638DLrgd to Jet Midwest Group LLC, Wilmington, DE.
23/06/2014N638DLregistration cancelled.
00/00/2014scrapping completed.
Marcel van Noordenne

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