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Line number0070
EnginesPratt & Whitney PW2037
Mode SA65D32
20/06/1985N509USroll out.
25/07/1985N509USfirst flight.
04/10/1985N509USdel Northwest Orient Airlines; '5509'; named "City of Anchorage".
04/10/1985N509USbt Westinghouse Credit Corporation; opb Northwest Orient Airlines on lease.
01/10/1986N509UScompany renamed Northwest Airlines.
04/12/1996N509USon a flight from San Francisco to Detroit, the airplane had been cleared to descend from FL410 to FL230. The ATC controller amended the the clearance to FL270 so the flight would have a better 'ride'. Shortly after leveling off at FL270, 25 Nm east of Grand Rapids, Michigan, sudden, moderate, turbulence was encountered. A passenger who was exiting the lavatory at the time fell and was seriously injured. The flight crew stated the weather radar did not show any weather on the 80 mile scan. The seat belt sign had been illuminated about 5 minutes before the turbulence encounter and the captain made an announcement for the passengers to expect 'bumps' on the approach. The airplane's lavatories are equipped with an public address speaker, a flight attendant call button and a 'return to seat' sign that is illuminated when the cabin seat belt sign is activated. The company's dispatch/weather department weather data showed the airplane had been flying in an area of 3/10's coverage of level 3 and 4 thunderstorms.
00/02/1997N509UStransferred to State Street Bank & Trust Company; opb Northwest Airlines on lease.
21/12/2003N509USat San Francisco in 2003 Northwest Airlines c/s (repainted after 07/07/2003).
15/01/2004N509USbt Northwest Airlines Inc.
16/01/2004N509USrgd to Northwest Airlines Inc.
14/08/2008N509USarr Marana; for storage.
29/10/2008N509USNorthwest Airlines merged into Delta Air Lines.
08/01/2009N509USbt Citicorp North America Inc.
15/01/2009N509USrgd to Wilmington Trust Company.
02/07/2009N509USferried Marana-Orlando/Sanford; for part-out and scrapping.
06/07/2009N509USbt GA Telesis LLC.
03/10/2009N509USat Orlando/Sanford; missing forward cargo hold door and radar cone.
21/10/2009N509USat Orlando/Sanford; missing both engines, both cargo hold doors and all doors.
00/00/2009N509USscrapping completed.
03/06/2010N509USregistration cancelled.
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