2016, what will this year bring for the 757…

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Thank you for visiting this website in 2015; on average there were 50 visits every day! I am still working hard on finishing the production list which should be complete by April 2016; then I will focus on the photo album, in order to get all 757 photos on line.

Movements: (all movements will be on the Facebook group and the production list):

January 25th: B-2838 (c/n 27260) of China Southern Airlines ferried Macau-Guam-Honolulu-Victorville as CSN2005 January 22nd (arriving January 26th); for storage; all 757s of China Southern Airlines have been bought by Boeing in a sales agreement.

January 14th: N687AA (c/n 25965) of American Airlines; last service: New York/JFK-Miami as AAL2382 January 12th; ferried Miami-Roswell as AAL9658 January 14th; for storage.

January 13th: N662AA (c/n 25296) of American Airlines; last service: Santo Domingo-Miami as AAL987 January 12th; ferried Miami-Roswell as AAL9665 January 13th; for storage.

January 2nd: N658DL (c/n 24420) of Delta Air Lines; last service: Orange County-Atlanta as DAL1918 December 31st; ferried Atlanta-Marana as DAL9935 January 2nd; for storage.

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