2015, a new year, hopefully with lots of good 757 news!

I am not satisfied with the photo database; although it has a search function, I want it to be more friendly and easy to use; I am currently looking for a program where you are able to find a photo more easily; if anyone knows of a program like that, please email me.

I have created a Facebook group with the same name as the website where I will regularly add 757 news and any interesting movements; anyone can join, it’s free; and if you have news and/or photos about the 757, post it there as well!!




Currently I am working on:

* production list (in order of construction number) – 430 of 1050 completed.

** Photo database is online again; 165 photos active (out of 861).

In order to keep this website going, please click on the add on the right ….. clicking is free and just takes a few seconds …. Thanks!


Thank you for your patience!


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