2015, the year of conversions and storage for the 757

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Production List: 740 active (out of 1050)   /   Photos: 330 active (out of 863)

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I will add some interesting movements on this page (all movements will be on the Facebook group):

November 22nd: N167CR (c/n 26278) of SF Airlines; registration cancelled November 16th; to B-7342; ferried Goodyear-Honolulu November 21st in full SF Airlines c/s after conversion to freighter.

November 3rd: N530US (c/n 23845) and N534US (c/n 24265) both ferried to their final destination for part out and scrapping.

October 27th: N528UA (c/n 25018) of United Airlines; last service: San Francisco-Denver as UAL604 October 24th; ferried Denver-Goodyear as UAL2195 October 27th; for lease return.


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