2016, what will this year bring for the 757…

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Movements: (all movements will be on the Facebook group and the production list):

June 12th: N654DL (c/n 24394) of Delta Air Lines ferried Marana-Jacksonville/VQQ as DAL9978 June 12th; for refurbishment for NBA charters (F72 configuration).
May 26th: G-WJAN (c/n 28674) ferried Prestwick-Dubai/DWC-Xiamen May 25th (arrived May 26th); for conversion to freighter.
May 20th: N153CA (c/n 26161) ferried Marana (May 19th)-Anchorage (May 20th)-Seoul as TCX752P; reason unknown.
April 18th: N790FD (c/n 26693) of FedEx; ferried Victorville-Anchorage as FDX9873; on its way to Singapore/Seletar for conversion to freighter.
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  1. Hi
    I am trying to find out the fate of the ex Monarch airlines 757’s recently withdrawn from use (November 2014) I am told they may be returned to the lessor in the USA either for breaking or re-sale
    The british registrations of these aircraft are G-MONJ and G-MONK – if you have any information I would be very grateful.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Eric,
      Thanks for info; do you know if ex-Royal Air Maroc 757 N686AL is still there? or has it been scrapped?

  2. Icelandair is receiving 2 new aircraft from IFLY one is EI-DUA s/n 26247 and other one I do not know at the moment. It is possible it will be EI-DUC s/n 26248 they are replacing TF-FIY and TF- FIZ

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