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  1. I’m not sure that the above information is correct.
    EI-DUA is back with i-FLY.
    I just think that the plane has been the maintenance of Icelandair, but maybe there is something I do not know

    1. Thanks for your comment; the 2 aircraft from I-FLY are EI-DUC (c/n 26248) and EI-ERF (c/n 26254); If I mentioned EI-DUC somewhere, please let me know and I will change that.

  2. Icelandair must actually use 3 new 757 aircraft in 2015, as the company expands their routes more than planned

  3. Sorry I read wrong about one in-FLY-planes. So maybe you’re right anyway.
    Where the last flight comes from, will be exciting. But Icelandair is always good for an American Airlines-commerce

  4. There are enough American Airlines 757s available for sure! Icelandair seems to like the ex-Iberia aircraft, and most of I-Fly 757s are.

  5. N636AM/cn24594 was ferried VCV-YVR-HNL-SPN-CAN for C-Check, to then be ferried to KEF to enter operations – to be registered TF-ISY

    N642AA/cn24600 is in ROW or VCV, to be ferried to KEF for C-check, and EIS, to be registered TF-ISZ

    EI-ERF/cn26254 is either in KEF or soon to be in KEF for C-check, EIS near end of April, registration not yet known

    3 former Monarch B757 were purchased by Icelandair, for part out and scrapping. Registrations unknown.

    1. Registrations were DAJB, MONJ and MONK. 3 aircraft that have served wonderfully since the late 1980’s and deserved better.
      Shame on you Icelandair

    1. registration N636AM was cancelled April 8th and registered TF-ISY with Icelandair; I guess that the aircraft will join the Icelandair fleet soon.

    1. The only info I have, is that aircraft was returned to lessor; I have no indication that it is going to Icelandair at this moment.

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