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AddressEMA Cargo West, East Midlands Airport
Castle Donington, Derbyshire DE74 2TR
CountryGreat Britain
Phone+44 1332 85 78 15
Fax+44 1332 85 78 19
2-lettercodeD0 (757 fleet uses code QY)
3-lettercodeDHK (757 fleet uses code BCS)
CallsignWorld Express
Color scheme change2002
757-200 fleetG-BMRA (23710)G-BMRB (23975)G-BMRD (24073)G-BMRI (24267)
G-BMRJ (24268)
historic fleetG-BIKA (22172)G-BIKB (22173)G-BIKC (22174)G-BIKD (22175)
G-BIKF (22177)G-BIKG (22178)G-BIKH (22179)G-BIKI (22180)
G-BIKJ (22181)G-BIKK (22182)G-BIKL (22183)G-BIKM (22184)
G-BIKN (22186)G-BIKO (22187)G-BIKP (22188)G-BIKR (22189)
G-BIKS (22190)G-BIKT (23398)G-BIKU (23399)G-BIKV (23400)
G-BIKX (23493)G-BIKZ (23532)
G-BMRC (24072)G-BMRE (24074)G-BMRF (24101)G-BMRG (24102)
G-BMRH (24266)
G-DHKA (29330)G-DHKB (29312)G-DHKC (30052)G-DHKD (27975)
G-DHKE (27976)G-DHKF (29945)G-DHKG (29946)G-DHKH (26275)
G-DHKI (28161)G-DHKJ (28174)G-DHKK (32449)G-DHKM (29590)
G-DHKN (31308)G-DHKO (32397)G-DHKP (32398)G-DHKR (29426)
G-DHKS (29427)G-DHKT (29428)G-DHKU (29589)G-DHKX (24971)
G-DHKZ (25620)
Marcel van Noordenne

One comment

  1. I’ve think Iv’e mentioned it before, only the 4 B767’s operating under the flag of DHL Air UK use the callsign World Express!
    The entire B757 fleet together with the B757 and Airbus A300 B4 fleet of EAT based in Leipzig, are all operating under the same call sign Eurotrans.

    Both fleet are operating for DHL Express Europe from their European Main Hub Leipzig in Germany

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