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Line number1028
Type28A F W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S?
01/03/2003G-OOBDroll out.
14/03/2003G-OOBDfirst flight.
31/03/2003G-OOBDdel & rgd to Air 2000; ferried Boeing Field-Manchester as AMM757F in First Choice Airways c/s with "" titles (arrived 01/04/2003).
03/04/2003G-OOBDfirst service: Manchester-Arrecife as AMM262C.
13/01/2004G-OOBDAir 2000 renamed First Choice Airways.
12/04/2004G-OOBDat Funchal with "First Choice" titles (applied after 00/03/2004).
17/10/2008G-OOBDrgd to Thomson Airways Ltd.
01/11/2008G-OOBDFirst Choice Airways merged with Thomsonfly into Thomson Airways.
16/01/2009G-OOBDat Lanzarote with "TCS Expeditions" titles (on left side only); named "Explorer" (titles applied after 05/01/2009).
21/07/2009G-OOBDat Palma with "First Choice" titles (applied after 02/04/2009).
07/11/2009G-OOBDferried Birmingham-Maastricht/Aachen; for repaint.
13/11/2009G-OOBDferried Maastricht/Aachen-London/Gatwick in 2001 Thomson Airways c/s.
23/03/2010G-OOBDferried Manchester-Greensboro as TOM___; for installation of blended winglets.
00/04/2010G-OOBDferried Greensboro-? as TOM____ with blended winglets.
27/04/2010G-OOBDat London/Luton with blended winglets.
00/02/2013G-OOBDarr Norwich; for repaint.
09/02/2013G-OOBDferried Norwich-Birmingham in 2012 Thomson Airways c/s.
04/10/2013G-OOBDat Belgrade in Thomson Airways c/s with "TCS & Starquest Expeditions" titles and tail logo; named "Explorer" (titles applied after 23/08/2013).
03/05/2014G-OOBDat Palma in full Thomson Airways c/s (titles applied after 03/04/2014).
01/10/2015G-OOBDat London/Luton with "TCS World Travel" titles and tail logo (applied after 18/09/2015).
20/04/2016G-OOBDat Brussels in full Thomson Airways c/s ("Thomson" titles applied after 14/04/2016).
12/02/2017G-OOBDat Lanzarote in Thomson Airways c/s with "TUI" titles and "" titles on engine cowlings (applied after 28/01/2017).
02/10/2017G-OOBDcompany renamed TUI Airways.
17/01/2020G-OOBDlast service: Tenerife/TFS-London/LGW as TOM4535.
18/01/2020G-OOBDferried London/LGW-Baku/GYD-Xiamen/XMN as TOM9247/9248 (arrived 19/01/2020); for end of lease checks; will be leased back after checks.
03/03/2020G-OOBDferried Xiamen/XMN-Karachi/KHI-Sharm el-Sheikh/SSH-London/LGW as TOM924P; for 6 months lease to TUI Airways.
22/03/2020G-OOBDlast service: Malaga/AGP-London/LGW as TOM4761; parked because of COVID-19 pandemic.
16/06/2020G-OOBDferried London/LGW-London/LTN as TOM1PC; for end of lease maintenance,
26/06/2020G-OOBDferried London/LTN-Bangor/BGR-Goodyear/GYR as TOM20P; for lease return and to be converted to freighter.
30/06/2020G-OOBDregistration cancelled.
01/07/2020N202DPrgd to Bank of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT.
17/07/2020N202DPferried Goodyear/GYR-Phoenix/PHX-Anchorage/ANC-Seoul/ICN-Chengdu/CTU under registration; for conversion to freighter.
05/10/2021N202DPregistration cancelled.
00/10/2021B-220del SF Airlines; ferried Chengdu/CTU-Shenzhen/SZX.
Marcel van Noordenne

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