Line number1042
Type324 W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4-C
Mode SAA3AE9
22/02/2004N75858roll out.
12/03/2004N75858first flight.
22/03/2004N75858del & rgd to Continental Airlines; '858'; ferried Boeing Field-Orlando as COA9970.
00/01/2010N75858ferried ?-Indianapolis as COA997_; for installation of blended winglets.
00/01/2010N75858ferried Indianapolis-Cleveland as COA9970 with blended winglets.
23/01/2010N75858ferried Cleveland-Newark as COA9980.
24/01/2010N75858in service: Newark-Las Vegas as COA768.
02/05/2010N75858Continental Airlines agreed with United Airlines to merge into United Airlines.
01/10/2010N75858Continental Airlines merged with United Airlines into United Airlines; '3856'.
12/01/2011N75858last service with "Continental" titles: Chicago/ORD-Houston/IAH as COA647; ferried Houston/IAH-Amarillo/AMA as COA9970; for repaint.
14/01/2011N75858ferried Amarillo/AMA-Houston/IAH as COA9973 with "United" titles.
16/01/2011N75858in service: Houston/IAH-Las Vegas/LAS as COA497.
01/04/2022N75858last service: Los Angeles/LAX-Chicago/ORD as UAL215.
02/04/2022N75858ferried Chicago/ORD-Wilmington/ILN as UAL2740; for storage.
26/02/2023N75858ferried Wilmington/ILN-Houston/IAH as UAL2734.
27/02/2023N75858ret to service: Houston/IAH-Denver/DEN as UAL1322.
30/04/2023N75858ferried San Francisco/SFO-Amarillo/AMA as UAL2742; for repaint.
11/05/2023N75858ferried Amarillo/AMA-Los Angeles/LAX as UAL2721 in 2019 (Blue Evolution) United Airlines c/s.

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