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Line number0974
Type28A F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4-B
Mode S-
22/06/2001N449GEroll out.
11/07/2001N449GEfirst flight.
21/09/2001N513ATdel GECAS.
21/09/2001N513ATlt American Trans Air.
28/09/2001N513ATat Everett; still wearing registration N449GE.
21/12/2001N513ATbt Windy City Holdings Inc.; opb American Trans Air on lease.
28/12/2001N513ATbt Wells Fargo Bank Northwest; opb American Trans Air on lease.
31/12/2001N513ATrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
13/01/2002N513ATat Everett in new American Trans Air c/s.
19/03/2003N513ATcompany renamed ATA Airlines.
31/01/2005N513ATferried Indianapolis-Victorville; for storage.
17/03/2005N513ATat Victorville in full ATA Airlines c/s; stored.
22/05/2005N513ATferried Gander-Southend as GCC449 in full ATA Airlines c/s.
13/06/2005N513ATperformed Southend-East Midlands-Southend in bare metal; test flight?
25/06/2005N513ATat Southend in full Harmony Airways c/s with "Harmony" titles.
19/07/2005N513ATregistration cancelled.
19/07/2005C-GMYElt & rgd to Harmony Airways; '800'; ferried Southend-Keflavik as HMY991.
09/04/2007C-GMYEHarmony Airways stopped operations; aircraft parked/stored at Vancouver.
28/08/2007C-GMYEregistration cancelled.
28/08/2007ET-AMKlt Ethiopian Airlines; ferried Kelowna-London/Stansted-Addis Ababa (arrived 29/08/2007).
13/03/2008ET-AMKat Mumbai in full Ethiopian Airlines c/s.
22/03/2016ET-AMKat Addis Ababa in bare metal c/s with Ethiopian tail c/s.
22/04/2016ET-EMKferried Addis Ababa-Tarbes/Lourdes as ETH9201; for lease return.
25/04/2016N590CBbt Wells Fargo Bank Northwest (from Celestrial Aviation Trading 37 Ltd.).
05/05/2016N590CBat Tarbes/Lourdes in mainly metallic c/s with only part of Ethiopian Airlines tail logo visible on tail rudder.
21/10/2016N590CBrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
28/10/2016N590CBferried Tarbes/Lourdes-Bangor-Jacksonville/VQQ as SXA347; for conversion to freighter.
10/04/2017N590CBregistration cancelled.
10/04/2017G-GHKKrgd to DHL Air, Diegem, Belgium.
21/04/2017G-DHKKferried Jacksonville/VQQ-East Midlands as DHK20P.
05/11/2017G-DHKKat Birmingham with 'James May' (of Grand Tour) picture on tail and "Hair Force One" titles on aft fuselage below registration.
18/02/2022G-DHKKregistration cancelled.
18/02/2022OE-LNIrgd to DHL Air Austria.
Marcel van Noordenne

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