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Line number0951
Type28A F W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S781EEA
05/12/2000N559NAroll out.
20/12/2000N559NAfirst flight.
23/12/2000N559NAat Boeing Field in full National Airlines c/s.
00/12/2000N559NANational Airlines - not taken up.
00/00/2001N447GEBoeing; re-rgd.
16/01/2001N447GEat Boeing Field in full National Airlines c/s.
23/01/2001N447GEat Boeing Field in full National Airlines c/s.
06/02/2001N447GEbt Boeing Sales Corporation.
06/02/2001N447GEdel General Electric Capital Aviation Services (GECAS).
06/02/2001N447GEbt Castle Harbour Leasing Inc.
09/02/2001N447GEarr Norwich in full National Airlines c/s; for repaint.
09/02/2001N447GEregistration cancelled.
09/02/2001G-OOBBlt & rgd to Air 2000 Ltd.
16/02/2001G-OOBBferried Norwich-Manchester in full Air 2000 c/s.
01/11/2001G-OOBBferried Manchester-Bristol as AMM757P; for short term storage.
15/12/2001G-OOBBferried Bristol-Manchester as AMM757P.
20/12/2001G-OOBBferried Manchester-Chicago/O'Hare as AMM757F; based at Chicago/O'Hare to operate for Air 2000 to destinations in the Caribbean; to operate these flights, Air 2000 had to obtain USdoT approval, and her flights are operated as Fifth Freedom services.
00/04/2002G-OOBBret Air 2000.
31/05/2002G-OOBBat Manchester in 2002 Air 2000 c/s (repainted after 00/04/2002).
18/12/2002G-OOBBat Manchester with "Apple Vacations" titles on left side only.
19/12/2002G-OOBBsub-lt Ryan International Airlines for Apple Vacations; ferried Manchester-Detroit as AMM757F.
28/04/2003G-OOBBret Air 2000; ferried Detroit-Manchester as AMM757F.
10/12/2003G-OOBBregistration cancelled.
11/12/2003C-GTBBsub-lt Skyservice Airlines; ferried Manchester-Winnipeg as SSV391 in Air 2000 with "Skyservice" titles.
16/12/2003C-GTBBrgd to Skyservice Airlines Inc.
13/01/2004C-GTBBAir 2000 renamed First Choice Airways.
17/04/2004C-GTBBret First Choice Airways; ferried Edmonton-Manchester as SSV371.
20/04/2004C-GTBBferried Manchester-London/Luton as SSV392; for maintenance.
02/05/2004C-GTBBferried London/Luton-Dublin in full First Choice Airways c/s (based at Dublin for the summer).
22/05/2004C-GTBBat Palma with extra "" titles on rear fuselage.
23/05/2004C-GTBBat Faro with very small "" titles above rear passenger door.
01/11/2004C-GTBBsub-lt Skyservice Airlines; ferried Dublin-Toronto as SSV391.
11/11/2004C-GTBBat Edmonton in First Choice Airways c/s with "Skyservice" titles and 'Signature" sticker on aft fuselage.
03/05/2005C-GTBBret First Choice Airways; ferried Toronto-Dublin as SSV390F (arrived 04/05/2005); will be based at Dublin for the summer.
00/12/2005C-GTBBferried Dublin-Toronto.
01/05/2006C-GTBBret First Choice Airways; ferried Toronto-Dublin as SSV390F (arrived 02/05/2006); will be based at Dublin for the summer.
30/10/2007C-GTBBsub-lt Skyservice Airlines; ferried Dublin-Toronto as SSV390 (arrived 01/11/2007).
16/04/2008C-GTBBferried Toronto-London/Luton.
30/04/2008C-GTBBret First Choice Airways; ferried London/Luton-Dublin as SSV391F.
01/11/2008C-GTBBFirst Choice Airways and Thomsonfly merged into Thomson Airways.
06/11/2008C-GTBBsub-lt Skyservice Airlines; ferried London/Luton-Vancouver.
06/01/2009C-GTBBat Kelowna with blended winglets (installed after 02/12/2008).
21/02/2009C-GTBBat Cancun with extra "Signature" titles on aft fuselage.
30/03/2009C-GTBBret Thomson Airways; ferried Toronto-London/Luton.
06/11/2009C-GTBBsub-lt Skyservice Airlines; ferried Manchester-Iqaluit-Toronto as SSV9301.
30/03/2010C-GTBBlast service: Toronto-Cancun as SSV2000 (arrived 31/03/2010).
31/03/2010C-GTBBSkyservice Airlines stopped operations.
16/04/2010C-GTBBferried Toronto-Keflavik-Prestwick-Manchester (arrived 20/04/2010).
29/04/2010C-GTBBregistration cancelled.
30/04/2010G-OOBBrgd to Thomson Airways Ltd.
19/11/2011G-OOBBat Manchester in 2001 Thomson Airways c/s (repainted after 19/092011).
01/12/2013G-OOBBferried London/Gatwick-Norwich as TOM9288; for repaint.
06/12/2013G-OOBBferried Norwich-London/Gatwick as TOM9265 in 2012 Thomson Airways c/s.
06/05/2017G-OOBBat London/LTN with "TUI" titles and "" titles on engine cowlings(applied after 16/04/2017).
02/10/2017G-OOBBcompany renamed TUI Airways.
23/03/2020G-OOBBlast service: Hurghada/HRG-Manchester/MAN as TOM451.
30/03/2020G-OOBBferried Manchester/MAN-London/LTN as TOM928P; for parking because of COVID-19 pandemic.
29/07/2020G-OOBBferried London/LTN-Bristol/BRS as TOM941P.
31/07/2020G-OOBBret to service: Bristol/BRS-Zakynthos/ZTH as TOM6532.
10/11/2020G-OOBBlast service: Tenerife/TFS-London/LGW as TUI4227; parked.
15/02/2021G-OOBBferried London/LGW-Birmingham/BHX as TUI914P; for continued parking.
18/07/2021G-OOBBret to service: Birmingham/BHX-Palma/PMI as TUI7758.
03/10/2021G-OOBBlast service: Paphos/PFS-Birmingham/BHX as TOM7723 (arrived 04/10/2021).
08/11/2021N228DPrgd to Bank of Utah.
19/02/2022N228DPferried Birmingham/BHX-Novosibirsk/OVB-Chengdu/CTU under registration (arrived 20/02/2022); for conversion to freighter.
19/12/2022N228DPregistration cancelled.
00/12/2022B-223Crgd to SF Airlines.
Marcel van Noordenne

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