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Line number0960
Type3CQ W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4-B
Mode S508485
18/03/2001N5002Kroll out.
02/04/2001N5002Kfirst flight.
24/04/2001G-JMAAdel & rgd to JMC Airlines; ferried Boeing Field-Manchester as JMC753P (arrived 25/04/2001).
21/01/2003G-JMAAat Manchester in full Thomas Cook Airlines c/s (repainted after 19/10/2002).
01/03/2003G-JMAAcompany changed name to Thomas Cook Airlines.
03/04/2003G-JMAArgd to Thomas Cook Airlines UK Ltd.
23/02/2004G-JMAAat Manchester with "" titles on left side only.
03/03/2005G-JMAAat Lanzarote with "Thomas Cook" titles on both sides (applied after 14/11/2004).
05/02/2011G-JMAAat Grenoble with "" titles and with blended winglets (applied/installed after 14/12/2010).
10/06/2014G-JMAAat London/Gatwick with 'Sunny Heart' logo (applied after 23/03/2014).
10/07/2017D-ABOPregistration reserved by Condor.
27/01/2018G-JMAAferried Manchester-London/LGW as TCX4802 in 2013 Thomas Cook c/s with large "Condor" titles on forward fuselage and "Thomas Cook" titles on aft fuselage below windows.
06/01/2019G-JMAAlast service: Hurghada/HRG-London/LGW as TCX385.
07/01/2019G-JMAAferried London/LGW-Manchester/MAN as TCX4787.
03/04/2019G-JMAAferried Manchester/MAN-Frankfurt/FRA as TCX4792; registration cancelled.
00/04/2019D-ABOPrgd to Condor.
14/03/2020D-ABOPat Frankfurt/FRA with 'Condor' logo in tail (applied after 03/03/2020).
23/03/2020D-ABOPlast service: Tenerife/TFS-Frankfurt/FRA as CFG1479; parked because of COVID-19 pandemic.
18/06/2020D-ABOPferried Frankfurt/FRA-Bangor/BGR-Marana/MZJ as CFG4656; for return to lessor and storage,
29/06/2020N786BCrgd to BCC Equipment Leasing Corporation, Seattle, WA.
02/06/2021N786BCregistration cancelled.
00/07/2021UR-AZNfor Azur Air Ukraine.
27/07/2021UR-AZNferried Marana/MZJ-Bangor/BGR-Shannon/SNN-Istanbul/SAW under registration (arrived 29/07/2021) in Condor c/s with "Condor" titles; only aft fuselage colors slightly changed.
23/10/2021UR-AZNferried Istanbul/SAW-Istanbul/AYT as UTN4004 (arrived 24/10/2021).
24/10/2021UR-AZNentered service: Istanbul/AYT-Kiev/KBP as UTN4706.
23/02/2022UR-AZNlast service: Sharm El-Sheikh/SSH-Kharkiv/HRK as UTN5332 (arrived 24/02/2022).
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