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Line number0931
Type23N W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S4CC268
19/05/2000N526ATroll out.
17/06/2000N526ATfirst flight.
23/06/2000N526ATdel American Trans Air; ferried Boeing Field-Indianapolis as AMT7001.
26/06/2000N526ATrgd to American Trans Air Inc.
30/06/2000N526ATbt Provident Bank; opb American Trans Air on lease.
00/00/2000N526ATrgd to First Security Bank.
19/03/2003N526ATairline renamed ATA Airlines.
31/03/2005N526ATbt & rgd to SP Aircraft Owner IV LLC, New York, NY; opb ATA Airlines on lease.
10/04/2005N526ATlast service: Denver-Chicago/Midway as TZ4388.
11/04/2005N526ATferried Chicago/Midway-Indianapolis as TZ7393.
14/04/2005N526ATret lessor; ferried Indianapolis-Hartford as TZ7284.
14/04/2005N526ATbt First Security Bank.
28/05/2005N526ATat Munich in ATA Airlines c/s.
20/09/2005N526ATat Munich in ATA Airlines c/s.
22/10/2005N526ATat Munich in ATA Airlines c/s; stored in maintenance area.
29/01/2006N526ATat Munich in ATA Airlines c/s without titles; wearing registration EI-LTY.
21/02/2006N526ATregistration cancelled,
22/02/2006EI-LTYrgd to City Leasing Ltd., Dublin, Ireland.
00/04/2006EI-LTYlt Vim Airlines.
04/06/2006EI-LTYat Larnaca in full Vim Airlines c/s.
00/07/2008EI-LTYret lessor.
11/07/2008LY-SKJlt Aurela Airlines; ferried Munich-Norwich; for repaint.
21/07/2008LY-SKJferried Norwich-Vilnius in full Aurela Airlines c/s.
14/11/2008LY-SKJsub-lt to Air Niamey; ferried Moscow/Vnukovo-Maiduguri; for Hajj operation.
00/00/2008LY-SKJret Aurela Airlines.
28/06/2010LY-SKJsub-lt Thomas Cook Airlines; ferried Vilnius-London/Gatwick as TCX87P.
01/07/2010LY-SKJin service: London/Gatwick-Lanzarote as TCX949K.
01/11/2010LY-SKJret Aurela Airlines.
00/11/2010LY-SKJret lessor.
25/11/2010M-ABDGrgd to Flycorp Ltd., Road Town, British Virgin Islands.
31/12/2010M-ABDGat Lasham in Aurela Airlines c/s; still wearing registration LY-SKJ.
03/03/2011M-ABDGregistration cancelled.
00/03/2011TF-FICrgd to Airco Ehf.
15/03/2011TF-FICat Lasham in full Aurela Airlines c/s; still wearing registration LY-SKJ.
28/03/2011TF-FICat Lasham in Aurela Airlines c/s; now wearing Icelandic registration.
21/04/2011TF-FICferried Lasham-Manchester; for repaint.
29/04/2011TF-FICat Manchester in all white c/s with "UN" titles on forward fuselage and tail, "United Nations" titles on aft fuselage and 'UN-151' under cockpit windows.
02/05/2011TF-FICferried Manchester-Lasham as ICE8840.
17/05/2011TF-FICferried Lasham-Monrovia.
00/00/2011TF-FICret Icelandair.
04/11/2011TF-FICat Frankfurt in all white c/s.
00/11/2011TF-FICsub-lt Santa Barbara Airlines.
27/11/2011TF-FICat Miami in all white c/s.
06/01/2012TF-FICret Icelandair; ferried Miami-Keflavik as ICE8188.
19/03/2012TF-FICsub-lt Air Niugini; ferried Keflavik-Sharjah-Manila.
21/03/2012TF-FICin service: Manila-Port Moresby as PX011 (arrived 22/03/2012).
07/05/2012TF-FIClast service: Manila-Port Moresby as PX011.
08/05/2012TF-FICret Icelandair; ferried Port Moresby-Manila as PX6001.
08/06/2012TF-FICat London/Heathrow; in service.
26/04/2013TF-FICat Manchester; named "Magni".
30/12/2013TF-FICsub-lt Air Niugini; ferried Keflavik-Sharjah-Manila as PX6393 (arrived 01/01/2014).
01/01/2014TF-FICin service: Manila-Port Moresby as PX011.
20/01/2014TF-FICat Brisbane in white c/s with yellow engine cowlings c/s and "Air Niugini" titles and tail logo.
03/04/2014TF-FIClast service: Brisbane-Port Moresby as PX004.
04/04/2014TF-FICret Icelandair; ferried Port Moresby-Guangzhou as ICE8810; for maintenance.
01/05/2014TF-FICferried Guangzhou-Sharjah-Keflavik as ICE6051 (arrived 03/05/2014).
19/01/2015TF-FICferried Keflavik-Hamilton as ICE6035; for installation of blended winglets.
11/02/2015TF-FICferried Hamilton-Toronto as ICE6042 with blended winglets; in service: Toronto-Keflavik as ICE602.
09/04/2018TF-FICferried Keflavik/KEF-Kelowna/YLW as ICE6081; for?
08/04/2020TF-FIClast service: London/LHR-Keflavik/KEF as ICE451; parked/stored.
18/12/2020TF-FICret to service: Keflavik/KEF-Paris/CDG as ICE542.
03/10/2021TF-FICferried Keflavik/KEF-Norwich/NWI as ICE6050; for repaint.
20/10/2021TF-FICferried Norwich/NWI-Kewflavik/KEF as ICE6051 in all white c/s without titles and tail logo.
00/11/2021TF-FICat Keflavik/KEF; "Icelandair" titles applied.
00/01/2022TF-FICat Keflavik/KEF; "Icelandair" titles removed.
05/05/2022TF-FICferried Keflavik/KEF-Seattle/BFI as ICE1408 in all white c/s with "Abercrombie & Kent" titles and tail logo,
25/06/2022TF-FICferried Keflavik/KEF-Hamburg/HAM as ICE1932 in all white c/s with "Albert Ballin" titles.
17/09/2022TF-FICferried Birmingham/BHX-Keflavik/KEF as ICE8495 in all white c/s with "Albert Ballin" titles.
06/10/2022TF-FICferried Keflavik/KEF-Seattle/BFI as ICE1412 in all white c/s with "Abercrombie & Kent" titles and tail logo.
13/04/2023TF-FICat Keflavik/KEF in all white c/s ("Abercrombie & Kent" titles and tail logo removed after 22/02/2023).
08/06/2023TF-FICat Oslo/OSL in all white c/s with "Icelandair" titles.
04/11/2023TF-FICat Sydney/SYD in all white c/s with "Latitudes" titles and tail logo.
28/12/2023TF-FICat Washington/IAD in all white c/s with "National Geographic" titles and tail logo (applied after 04/11/2023).
14/02/2024TF-FICat Portland/PDX in all white c/s with "Abercrombie & Kent" titles and tail logo.
30/03/2024TF-FICat Glasgow/GLA in all white c/s with "Icelandair" titles (applied after 08/03/2024).
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