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Line number0883
EnginesPratt & Whitney PW2040
Mode S424341
20/07/1999N1795Broll out.
29/07/1999N1795Bfirst flight.
16/08/1999N720TWdel Trans World Airlines; '7520'.
16/08/1999N720TWbt Aerospace Finance LLC; opb Trans World Airlines on lease.
17/08/1999N720TWrgd to Aerospace Finance LLC, Hialeah, FL.
23/08/1999N720TWfirst service: St. Louis-Dallas/Fort Worth.
02/12/2001N720TWTrans World Airlines merged into American Airlines; '5TW'.
07/02/2003N720TWat Denver in full American Airlines c/s.
01/11/2003N720TWlast service: Santa Ana-Dallas/Fort worth.
03/11/2003N720TWferried Dallas/Fort Worth-Kansas City (TT: 13926 hours; 4852 cycles); for storage.
25/03/2004N720TWat Kansas City in American Airlines c/s without titles; stored.
01/04/2004N720TWret Aerospace Finance LLC; ferried Kansas City-Victorville (TT: 13931 hours; 4855 cycles); for storage.
10/06/2004N720TWbt PAFCO 30319 Inc.; ferried Victorville-Miami.
00/06/2004N720TWferried Miami-Atlanta.
01/07/2004N720TWat Atlanta in full Santa Barbara Airlines c/s.
00/07/2004N720TWferried Atlanta-Miami.
11/07/2004N720TWat Miami.
00/07/2004N720TWlt Santa Barbara Airlines (via TransMeridian Airlines?).
30/07/2004N720TWrgd to PAFCO 30319 Inc., San Francisco, CA.
22/11/2004N720TWbt Wells Fargo Bank Northwest; opb Santa Barbara Airlines on lease.
23/11/2004N720TWrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
05/01/2005N720TWat Miami; parked.
08/09/2005N720TWferried Chicago/O'Hare-Rome (NY) in full Santa Barbara Airlines c/s; for storage.
30/09/2005N720TWTransMeridian Airlines suspended operations.
01/12/2005N720TWferried Rome (NY)-Shannon-Frankfurt in full Santa Barbara Airlines c/s (arrived 02/12/2005).
29/12/2005N720TWbt PAFCO 30319 Inc.
06/01/2006N720TWat Addis Ababa in full Ethiopian Airlines c/s; not wearing a registration.
14/01/2006N720TWrgd to PAFCO 30319 Inc., San Francisco, CA.
09/02/2006N720TWregistration cancelled.
09/02/2006ET-ALZlt Ethiopian Airlines.
00/08/2016ET-ALZstored at Addis Ababa.
20/12/2016ET-ALZperformed local test flight at Addis Ababa as ETH3901.
04/02/2017ET-ALZferried Addis Ababa-Istanbul/SAW; for maintenance and repaint.
23/04/2017VP-BLBlt Royal Flight; ferried Istanbul/SAW-Moscow/Domodedovo as ABG9901.
16/08/2017VP-BLBat Moscow/SVO with extra "" titles on forward fuselage (under windows) and "Coral Travel" titles on aft fuselage.
02/08/2018VP-BLBat Barcelona/BCN; named "Andrey Karlov".
29/06/2021VP-BLBlast service: Ufa/UFA-Antalya/AYT as ABG8007.
31/07/2021VP-BLBferried Antalya/AYT-Istanbul/SAW as ABG9901.
04/08/2021VP-BLBferried Istanbul/SAW-Moscow/SVO as ABG9902.
10/08/2021VP-BLBferried Moscow/SVO-Keflavik/KEF-Bangor/BGR-Blytheville/BYH as ABG9001/9002/9002 (arrived 11/08/2021); on return to lessor; for part out and scrapping.
07/01/2023VP-BLBat Blytheville/BYH; missing both engines; stored.
Marcel van Noordenne

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