Line number0888
Type23N W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S424667
17/08/1999N523ATroll out.
03/09/1999N523ATfirst flight.
21/09/1999N523ATdel American Trans Air.
29/09/1999N523ATbt Bank of America Commercial Finance Corporation; opb American Trans Air on lease.
30/09/1999N523ATrgd to First Security Bank.
19/03/2003N523ATcompany renamed ATA Airlines.
30/03/2005N523ATbt SP Aircraft Owner V LLC (from Wells Fargo Bank Northwest); opb ATA Ailines on lease.
01/04/2005N523ATrgd to SP Aircraft Owner V LLC, New York, NY.
10/04/2005N523ATlast service: St. Petersburg-Indianapolis as TZ4428.
13/04/2005N523ATret lessor; ferried Indianapolis-Hartford as TZ7381.
13/04/2005N523ATbt Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
20/05/2005N523ATferried Goose Bay-Munich as SXA222 in full ATA Airlines c/s.
30/09/2005N523ATat Munich in full ATA Airlines c/s.
22/10/2005N523ATat Munich in ATA Airlines c/s; stored in maintenance area.
02/12/2005N523ATbt Fastway Leasing Ltd., Dublin, Ireland.
05/12/2005N523ATregistration cancelled.
05/12/2005EI-LTOrgd to Fastway Leasing Ltd., Dublin, Ireland.
29/01/2006EI-LTOat Munich In ATA Airlines c/s.
00/04/2006EI-LTOlt Vim Airlines.
00/04/2006EI-LTOsub-lt Bashkortostan Airlines.
26/04/2006EI-LTOat Moscow/Domodedovo in full Air Bashkortostan Airlines c/s.
00/00/2008EI-LTOret Vim Airlines.
00/00/2008EI-LTOret lessor.
00/03/2008EI-LTOat Munich.
01/10/2008EI-LTOferried Munich-Geneva as MOV9901 in Air Bashkortostan c/s.
02/10/2008EI-LTOregistration cancelled.
02/10/2008SX-RFAlt Gainjet Aviation; ferried Geneva-Manston-Norwich (arrived 03/10/2008); for repaint.
20/10/2008SX-RFAferried Norwich-Munich; for installation of blended winglets.
15/11/2008SX-RFAat Munich with blended winglets.
04/02/2009SX-RFAat Munich; parked.
09/04/2009SX-RFAferried Munich-Athens; after cabin outfitting.
12/04/2021SX-RFAarr Lasham/QLA as GNJ57; for storage.
18/05/2021SX-RFAat Lasham/QLA; missing right engine.
14/08/2021SX-RFAat Lasham/QLA; missing right engine.
20/11/2021SX-RFAferried Lasham/QLA-Athens/ATH-Geneva/GVA (arrived 22/11/2021).
25/11/2021VP-BBEre-registered to Freedom Air II LLC.
01/12/2021VP-BBEferried Zurich/ZRH-Basel/BSL.
07/12/2021VP-BBEferried Basel/BSL-Bangor/BGR-Fort Meyers/RSW under registration (arrived 08/12/2021).
03/02/2022VP-BBEferried Fort Meyers/RSW-Miami/MIA under registration.
27/01/2023VP-BBEferried Basel/BSL-Bangor/BGR-White Plains/HPN-Orlando/MCO under registration.

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