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Line number0906
Type3E7 W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4-B
Mode S50844A
03/12/1999N1786Broll out.
20/12/1999N1786Bfirst flight.
03/01/2000N1003Mr/o in full Arkia Israeli Airlines.
31/01/20004X-BAUdel Arkia Israeli Airlines.
18/08/20014X-BAUat Munich with extra "" titles on forward fuselage and "" titles on aft fuselage.
07/03/20044X-BAUat Barcelona without extra titles (removed after 00/06/2003).
24/10/20054X-BAUat Warsaw with extra "Dunaliella Chlostanin" titles on fuselage (right side only).
09/01/20124X-BAUarr Shannon; for installation of blended winglets.
27/01/20124X-BAUdep Shannon with blended winglets.
26/12/20194X-BAUferried Tel Aviv/TLV-Istanbul/SAW as AIZ301; for Azur Air Ukraine.
29/01/2020at Istanbul/SAW in full Azur Air Ukraine c/s.
23/02/2020UR-AZPat Istanbul/SAW in full Azur Air Ukraine c/s with new registration.
06/07/2020UR-AZPferried Istanbul/SAW-Antalya/AYT.
23/07/2020UR-AZPentered service service: Antalya/AYT-Kharkiv/HRK as UTN5412.
23/02/2022UR-AZPlast service: Hurghada/HRG-Kiev/KBP as UTN4322.
Marcel van Noordenne

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