Line number0948
Type208 F W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S440BCC
02/11/2000EC-HIXroll out.
16/11/2000EC-HIXfirst flight.
16/12/2000EC-HIXdel Iberia; named "Cuba".
00/04/2007EC-HIXret lessor.
24/04/2007EC-HIXferried Madrid-Abu Dhabi in basic Iberia c/s.
12/06/2007EC-HIXat Madrid in Icelandair c/s; only missing tail logo.
10/07/2007TF-FIZat Madrid in Icelandair c/s; only missing tail logo.
00/07/2007TF-FIZlt Icelandair (from Aurola Leasing).
16/07/2007TF-FIZat Stockholm/Arlanda in full Icelandair c/s ; including tail logo.
00/11/2007TF-FIZarr Kelowna; for installation of blended winglets.
07/12/2007TF-FIZferried Kelowna-Keflavik with blended winglets.
05/04/2009TF-FIZat London/Heathrow; named Keilir".
05/10/2015TF-FIZlast service: Paris/Charles de Gaulle-Keflavik as ICE545.
30/10/2015TF-FIZferried Keflavik-St. Athan as ICE6050 in Icelandair c/s without titles and tail logo.
00/11/2015TF-FIZregistration canceled.
09/11/2015N530DHrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
28/11/2015N530DHferried St. Athan-Bangor-Jacksonville/VQQ as SXA1266 (arrived 29/11/2015); for conversion to freighter.
07/11/2016N530DHregistration cancelled.
08/11/2016G-DHKCrgd to DHL Air, Diegem, Belgium.
10/11/2016G-DHKCferried Jacksonville/VQQ-East Midlands as DHK20P (arrived 11/11/2016); after conversion to freighter.
03/12/2021G-DHKCregistration cancelled.
03/12/2021OE-LNUrgd to DHL Air Austria.

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