RA-73073Azur Air
Line number0954
EnginesPratt & Whitney PW2040
Mode S151D71
17/01/2001N765MXroll out.
02/02/2001N765MXfirst flight.
23/02/2001N765MXdel International Lease Finance Corporation.
23/02/2001N765MXlt Mexicana.
27/02/2001N765MXrgd to International Lease Finance Corporation.
05/07/2002N765MXat Mexico City; named "Buenos Aires".
00/04/2005N765MXat Mexico City in 2005 Mexicana c/s.
00/07/2006N765MXret International Lease Finance Corporation.
24/08/2006N765MXregistration cancelled.
27/08/2006TC-GLAlt Golden International Airlines; ferried ?-Gander-Istanbul as GTC679.
05/09/2006TC-GLAat Istanbul in all white c/s with large gold coloured "Golden" titles on forward fuselage.
01/10/2006TC-GLAat Istanbul in full Golden International Airlines c/s.
00/00/2007TC-GLAsub-lt Air India.
05/02/2007TC-GLAat Mumbai in Golden International Airlines c/s with "Air India" titles.
07/06/2007TC-GLAat Mumbai in Golden International Airlines c/s with "Air India" titles.
00/00/2007TC-GLAret Golden International Airlines.
16/10/2007TC-GLAferried Kuwait-Istanbul as GTC; for maintenance.
00/00/2008TC-GLAret lessor.
01/04/2008TC-ETElt Atlasjet in Golden International Airlines c/s without titles.
20/04/2008TC-ETEat Helsinki in full Atlasjet c/s.
02/11/2008TC-ETEat Stuttgart in full Saudi Arabian Airlines c/s (repainted after 01/10/2008).
00/11/2008TC-ETEsub-lt Saudi Arabian Airlines c/s.
00/12/2009TC-ETEret Atlasjet.
30/12/2009TC-ETEat Istanbul in Saudi Arabian Airlines c/s without titles and tail logo.
31/01/2010TC-ETEat Izmir in full Atlasjet c/s.
06/10/2010TC-ETEsub-lt Saudi Arabian Airlines; ferried Antalya-Jeddah; for Hajj operations.
21/12/2010TC-ETEret Atlasjet; ferried Jeddah-Istanbul.
00/11/2011TC-ETEwithdrawn from use.
00/00/2012TC-ETEret lessor.
13/04/2012VQ-BQAlt UT Air; ferried Istanbul0-Rostov.
24/12/2014VQ-BQAtransferred to Katekavia (Azur Air).
04/02/2015VQ-BQAin service: Moscow/Domodedovo-Hurghada.
02/05/2015VQ-BQAat Barcelona in full Azur Air c/s (repainted after 19/02/2015).
00/04/2022RA-73073Azur Air; re-rgd.

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