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RA-73076Azur Air
Line number0925
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S151D74
10/04/2000N1787Broll out.
21/04/2000N1787Bfirst flight.
19/05/2000N523NAdel International Lease Finance Corporation.
19/05/2000N523NAlt National Airlines.
27/02/2001N523NArgd to International Lease Finance Corporation.
15/09/2001N523NAret International Lease Finance Corporation.
16/10/2001N523NAlt National Airlines.
06/11/2002N523NANational Airlines ceased operations.
08/11/2002N523NAferried Las Vegas-Fayetteville as ROK8523; for storage.
25/02/2003N755NAlt North American Airlines.
07/12/2003N755NAat Aruba; named "John Plueger".
18/07/2008N755NAat Chicago/Midway in 'Barack Obama' c/s with "Change we can believe in" and "" titles.
29/12/2008N755NAat New York/JFK in full North American Airlines c/s.
09/09/2010N755NAbt Wilmington Trust Company; opb North American Airlines on lease.
10/09/2010N755NArgd to Wilmington Trust Company.
30/01/2012N755NAat Tampa; withdrawn from use.
08/03/2012N755NAlease to North American Airlines rejected.
12/04/2012N755NAferried Tampa-Indianapolis.
20/12/2012N755NAferried Indianapolis-Keflavik-Istanbul (arrived 21/12/2012).
21/12/2012N755NAregistration cancelled.
28/12/2012VP-BLVlt UT Air; ferried Istanbul-Rostov-Moscow/Domodedovo as UTA5590 (arrived 29/12/2012).
21/11/2014VP-BLVferried Moscow/Vnukovo-Istanbul; for Katekavia.
24/12/2014VP-BLVferried Istanbul-Moscow/Vnukovo in full Azur Air c/s.
22/05/2017VP-BLVat Sanya with extra "The Land of Legends" titles and stickers on fuselage (applied 21/12/2016).
00/04/2022RA-73076Azur Air; re-rgd.
18/01/2024RA-73076last service: Hurghada/HRG-Moscow/VKO as AZV906; stored.
Marcel van Noordenne

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