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Line number0872
Type236 F W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S78179B
00/00/1999G-CPEXBritish Airways - not taken up.
17/05/1999N545NAroll out.
24/05/1999N545NAat Renton in all white c/s.
02/06/1999N545NAfirst flight.
14/06/1999N545NAdel Rolls Royce Aircraft Management.
14/06/1999N545NAbt Pembroke 29944 Ltd.
14/06/1999N545NAlt National Airlines.
22/06/1999N545NAat Everett in all white c/s.
06/07/1999N545NAat Everett in all white c/s.
02/09/1999N545NArgd to Wilmington Trust Company.
00/11/1999N545NAat Los Angeles in full National Airlines c/s.
06/11/2002N545NANational Airlines ceased operations.
07/11/2002N545NAret Pembroke 29944 Ltd.
08/11/2002N545NAferried Las Vegas-Mojave; for storage.
20/02/2003N545NAat Mojave in full National Airlines c/s; stored.
05/10/2003N545NAat Mojave in full National Airlines c/s; stored.
20/01/2004N545NAferried-Mojave-Gander-Shannon-Abu Dhabi (arrived 21/01/2004); for pre delivery heavy maintenance.
06/02/2004N545NAat Abu Dhabi in full National Airlines c/s; parked.
10/03/2004N545NAregistration cancelled.
11/03/2004G-OOBHrgd to First Choice Airways Ltd.
28/04/2004G-OOBHferried Abu Dhabi-Manchester as FCA757M in full First Choice Airways c/s.
30/04/2004G-OOBHin service: Manchester-Tenerife as FCA833C.
30/11/2004G-OOBHr/o at Manchester in First Choice Airways c/s with "Skyservice" and "Signature Vacations" titles.
01/12/2004G-OOBHregistration cancelled.
01/12/2004C-FOBHsub-lt & rgd to Skyservice Airlines Inc.
02/12/2004C-FOBHferried Manchester-Toronto as SSV393.
01/05/2005C-FOBHferried ?-Manchester as SSV394 (arrived 02/05/2005).
03/05/2005C-FOBHregistration cancelled.
04/05/2005G-OOBHrgd to First Choice Airways Ltd.
28/11/2005G-OOBHat Manchester; wearing registration C-FOBH.
30/11/2005G-OOBHregistration cancelled.
30/11/2005C-FOBHsub-lt & rgd to Skyservice Airlines Inc.
30/04/2006C-FOBHferried Toronto-Manchester as SSV390F (arrived 01/05/2006).
02/05/2006C-FOBHregistration cancelled.
02/05/2006G-OOBHrgd to First Choice Airways Ltd.
04/12/2006G-OOBHregistration cancelled.
04/12/2006C-FOBHsub-lt & rgd to Skyservice Airlines Inc.; ferried Manchester-Toronto as SSV391F.
21/03/2007C-FOBHferried Toronto-Manchester as SSV391 (arrived 22/03/2007).
23/03/2007C-FOBHregistration cancelled.
23/03/2007G-OOBHrgd to First Choice Airways Ltd.
11/12/2007G-OOBHregistration cancelled.
11/12/2007C-FOBHsub-lt & rgd to Skyservice Airlines Inc.
12/12/2007C-FOBHferried Manchester-Toronto as SSV___.
27/04/2008C-FOBHferried Toronto-Dublin-London/Luton as SSV___ (arrived 28/04/2008).
01/05/2008C-FOBHregistration cancelled.
01/05/2008G-OOBHrgd to First Choice Airways Ltd.
15/10/2008G-OOBHrgd to Thomson Airways Ltd.
21/10/2008G-OOBHregistration cancelled.
21/10/2008C-FOBHsub-lt & rgd to Skyservice Airlines Inc.; ferried London/Luton-Toronto.
01/11/2008C-FOBHFirst Choice Airways merged with Thomsonfly into Thomson Airways.
22/03/2009C-FOBHferried Toronto-London/Luton as SSV392 (arrived 23/03/2009).
26/03/2009C-FOBHregistration cancelled.
27/03/2009G-OOBHat London/Luton with blended winglets (installed after 17/01/2009).
26/03/2009G-OOBHrgd to Thomson Airways.
09/12/2009G-OOBHregistration cancelled.
09/12/2009C-FOBHsub-lt & rgd to Skyservice Airlines Inc.
10/12/2009C-FOBHferried Manchester-Saskatoon as SSV9307.
30/03/2010C-FOBHlast service: Punta Cana-Winnipeg.
31/03/2010C-FOBHSkyervice Airlines stopped operations.
16/04/2010C-FOBHferried Winnipeg-Keflavik-Prestwick-Manchester (arrived 20/04/2010).
28/04/2010C-FOBHregistration cancelled.
28/04/2010G-OOBHrgd to Thomson Airways Ltd.
26/11/2010G-OOBHat Tenerife in Thomson Airways c/s (repainted after 20/08/2010).
01/11/2012G-OOBHferried Birmingham-Norwivch as TOM____; for repaint.
06/11/2012G-OOBHferried Norwich-Birmingham as TOM____ in 2012 Thomson Airways c/s (first 757 in new c/s).
06/09/2017G-OOBHat Villafranca with "TUI" titles (applied after 06/08/2017).
02/10/2017G-OOBHcompany renamed TUI Airways.
04/03/2019G-OOBHlast service: Hurghada/HRG-Manchester/MAN as TOM451.
05/03/2019G-OOBHferried Manchester/MAN-St. Athan/DGX as TOM9238; for lease return and storage.
26/03/2019G-OOBHferried St. Athan/DGX-Dubai/DWC as TOM928; for conversion to freighter in China.
28/03/2019G-OOBHregistration cancelled.
28/03/2019N751ACrgd to Bank of Utah.
28/05/2019N751ACregistration cancelled.
00/05/2019B-20CXrgd to SF Airlines.
06/12/2019B-20CXferried Chengdu/CTU-Shenzhen/SZX on delivery to SF Airlines.
Marcel van Noordenne

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