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Line number0910
type27A F
EnginesPratt & Whitney PW2037
Mode S0C2056
NameCiudad de Panama"
04/01/2000N1787Broll out.
13/01/2000N1787Bfirst flight.
27/01/2000B-27021del Far Eastern Air Transport.
23/10/2001B-27021at Taipei with large '" sticker (on left side only).
00/05/2002B-27021lt Eva Air.
10/08/2002B-27021at Taipei in full Eva Air c/s.
18/03/2004B-27021at Macau in full Eva Air c/s.
00/00/2004B-27021ret Far Eastern Air Transport.
09/06/2004B-27021at Kaohsiung in full Far Eastern Air Transport c/s.
13/05/2008B-27021Far Eastern Air Transport suspended operations.
00/04/2010N646ALbt Aerolease 757 MSN 29611 LLC (from AWI Finance Co. Ltd.).
02/04/2010N646ALrgd to Aerolease 757 MSN 29611 LLC.
14/04/2010N646ALferried Taipei-Honolulu-Jacksonville/VQQ (arrived 15/04/2010); for conversion to freighter.
31/07/2010N646ALperformed a local acceptance flight at Jacksonville/VQQ.
04/08/2010N646ALferried Jacksonville/VQQ-Panama City; after conversion to freighter.
05/08/2010N646ALregistration cancelled.
05/08/2010HP-1810DAElt DHL Aero Expresso; named "Ciudad de Panama".
Marcel van Noordenne

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