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Line number0830
Type2G5 W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SA02FFB
28/09/1998D-AMUGroll out.
24/10/1998D-AMUGfirst flight.
31/10/1998D-AMUGdel LTU; ferried Boeing Field-Dusseldorf (arrived 01/11/1998).
24/12/1999D-AMUGbt Unicapital Air Group; opb LTU on lease.
02/09/2003D-AMUGlast service: Corfu-Munich.
25/09/2003D-AMUGferried Munich-Hamburg; for repaint.
03/10/2003D-AMUGferried Hamburg-Munich (TT: 16394 hours; 6027 cycles).
00/10/2003D-AMUGret Pegasus Aviation Inc.
04/10/2003D-AMUGat Munich in full Air Astana c/s with "" titles.
08/10/2003D-AMUGregistration cancelled.
11/10/2003P4-EASlt Air Astana.
00/01/2009P4-EASarr Lasham; for installation of blended winglets.
10/02/2009P4-EASferried Lasham-Bristol with blended winglets; for repaint.
19/02/2009P4-EASferried Bristol-Almaty as KZR1383.
28/01/2012P4-EASat London/Heathrow with "Air Astana" titles (applied after 13/01/2012).
01/01/2016P4-EASat ? with large "Expo 2017 - Astana Kazakhstan" titles on fuselage (applied after 01/10/2015).
21/03/2020P4-EASlast service: Nur-Sultan/NQZ-Almaty/ALA as KZR854; parked.
20/12/2020P4-EASferried Almaty/ALA-Lleida/ILD as KZR1389; for onward storage.
23/12/2022N111ASrgd to Aersale Inc., Coral Gables, FL.
Marcel van Noordenne

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