Line number0821
Type2Q8 F
EnginesPratt & Whitney PW2040
Mode S3C70AF
12/08/1998N763MXroll out.
05/09/1998N763MXfirst flight.
16/09/1998N763MXdel International Lease Finance Corporation.
16/09/1998N763MXlt Mexicana; named "Ciudad de Mexico".
17/09/1998N763MXrgd to International Lease Finance Corporation.
17/09/1998N763MXferried Boeing Field-? as MXA1701.
09/03/2000N763MXr/o at Mexico City in 'Star Alliance' c/s.
02/04/2004N763MXat Mexicana in full Mexicana c/s (repainted after 06/02/2004); named "Acapulco".
00/10/2005N763MXat Mexico City in 2005 Mexicana c/s (repainted after 04/02/2005).
00/00/2008N763MXret International Lease Finance Corporation.
16/01/2008N763MXregistration cancelled.
03/02/2008N406JSat Fort Lauderdale in revised Eos Airlines c/s.
05/02/2008N406JSInternational Lease Finance Corporation; re-rgd.
00/02/2008N406JSlt Eos Airlines.
26/04/2008N406JSEos Airlines filed for Chapter 11.
27/04/2008N406JSEos Airlines stopped operations.
09/06/2008N406JSferried New York/JFK-Atlanta.
30/07/2008N406JSregistration N763MX reserved by International Lease Finance Corporation.
13/08/2008N763MXInternational Lease Finance Corporation; re-rgd.
03/11/2008N763MXat Mexico City in full Nordwind Airlines c/s with "Nordwind" titles on tail only.
25/11/2008N763MXregistration cancelled.
22/12/2008VQ-BBTlt Nordwind Airlines; ferried Mexico City-Gander-Moscow/Sheremeteyvo (arrived 23/12/2008).
19/06/2011VQ-BBTat Barcelona with large "Nordwind" titles on fuselage (applied after 01/03/2011).
00/06/2013VQ-BBTsub-lt Ikar Airlines.
00/07/2013VQ-BBTat Krasnoyarsk with "Ikar" titles in tail; no titles on fuselage.
23/10/2013VQ-BBTat Bangkok in Pegas c/s (tour operator and owner of Ikar Airlines).
28/12/2014VQ-BBTferried Moscow/Shermeteyvo-Lasham as KAR9803; for lease return.
30/04/2015VQ-BBTat Lasham; wearing registration N293DH.
01/04/2015VQ-BBTregistration N293DH reserved by Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
06/05/2015VQ-BBTregistration D-ALEO reserved by DHL Aviation (Netherlands) B.V.
12/05/2015N293DHrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
15/05/2015N293DHferried Lasham-Bangor-Jacksonville/VQQ as SXA1210 (arrived 16/05/2015); for conversion to freighter.
24/02/2016N293DHferried Jacksonville/VQQ-Portsmouth/PSM-Leipzig as SXA1268 (arrived 25/02/2016); after conversion to freighter.
26/02/2016N293DHregistration cancelled.
27/02/2016D-ALEOrgd to EAT Leipzig.
08/03/2016D-ALEOlt EAT/DHL Leipzig.

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